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besides doing terribly on my shakespeare midterm this morning, today has been pretty grand!

i went for a run today after school that was supposed to be 2 miles according to my training plan for my 10k but when i got home and mapped it on mapmyrun.com i definitely realized that i ran closer to 3 miles.. whoops (: tomorrow is the run for red 5k that i am running with ruth + some of her friends, too. probably not the best idea to run as much as i did the day before a race but who am i kidding.. it felt shorter than it was and i love running so i'm sure tomorrow will be great!

 after my run i came home and hung out with/ate dinner with micae before getting ready to go to the byu gymnastics meet with my roommate from last year, macey. i hadn't seen her in way too long and it was super fun catching up and stuff.. plus now we're pretty sure we're living together next year (: funny how things work out like that. basically. awesome.

haylee [macey's roommate + my good friend from last year as well] is on the gymnastics team and she did stellar tonight!

this is from when she was doing vault.. i only got one picture but i love it. little egg-shaped haylee.

then she did bars! what a rock star. she did floor too [just not vault] but i was too distracted by her comical routine + floor music to take any pictures. whoops.

all in all it was fun sitting in the stands with mace and her friends + reminiscing about going to all the meets last year and just freshman year in general. cosmo even came over to say hello because obviously we were the best fans there.

plus it's always fun seeing the crazy signs some people make in the stands. "krysten has beam-er fever." yum.

sadly, byu lost by just .335 points. RIDICULOUS I KNOW.

oh well. gymnastics meets are still crazy fun to go to. just love friends.

tomorrow will be pictures from the race! even though i just realized a moment ago that i somehow forgot to register (?!) so i will have to do that whole day-of registration junk right when i get there. as long as i still get a t-shirt i'll be happy..


  1. hahah awesome. i think this was my favorite post ever. lots of pictures, just love!

  2. I always intended to go to a gymnastics meet. Gah!

    Have fun at the race today!!

  3. .325 honey.
    but i love you anyway.
    and i love the picture of hay on vault.
    she looks like a fetus.


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