case in point,

i've finally discovered the reason that i don't blog very often.

it's because when i miss one day, then the next day i just keep thinking about how i need to do a make-up post for that day + the present day. then i miss another day because i don't want to write all of two days' worth out, so i put it off for another day. then i have two days' worth to make up + the present day and i know it'll take even longer so i put it off even more and then..

well, i think you get the picture.

so i'm just going to blog when i can and that's that. (:

so TODAY! nothing very monumental.. acting, spanish + doctrine & covenants classes, seeing the august rush mask club performance (beyond stellar!), then work from 3-6pm at the testing center. i had kind of a headache today.. like all day long. i also wore a ponytail all day long for the first time in probably almost ever because i hardly wear my hair up ever (unless i'm running... then i tend to stay in whatever remains of a sweaty ponytail i have for the rest of the day... but that's another story :). so, lesson learned. no more (being lazy when i'm getting ready in the morning) ponytails for school days!

aaaaaand speaking of running, i miss running. the last time i went was last week (tuesday) before our surprise weekend trip to ohio. and ever since we got back (sunday night) i've had some crazy kind of cold/sore throat. thankfully (with most thanks to extra naps, tissues and my favorite chloraseptic throat drops), i think my sickness is slowly coming to an end. i'm craving a run, since it's been well over a week now since i've laced up my shoes, but hopefully i can hit the pavement by monday - when best friend sara whitacre will be in town visiting me from ohio! eeee (: she gets in town saturday morning and will be here through wednesday!
*editor's note/this cold is clearly getting to my head: the last time i went running was actually this past saturday when i was in ohio, a nice easy 2-miler around emerald parkway. but i guess it will actually be over a week by the time i get back to running on monday!

aaanyway, back to today. i rounded out my day (after getting off work a whole hour early at 6 instead of 7) by heading to legend's grille to watch the second half of the byu basketball game (!!) which we WON against wofford, obviously (: good thing, too, considering i have my bracket filled out with byu facing osu in the championship game..

friends + byu basketball + yummy philly cheesesteak sandwich for dinner = awesome.

maybe i'll actually get to bed early tonight?

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