bye february

i feel like i hardly got to know you this year.
oh well.

"...and we'll be just fine!" most unproductive productive day of my ever life. getterdone. ice ice castles/HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA (: "nice release!" production, take one. noah's ark. sleepybyebye. holy bleach. no voy a trabajar. officially a flipper (: 24:44PR + e-mail! (: el libro de mormon! holy tum. arrested development (: the perfect day for a run. work it girl. SUN VALLEYYYYY! sledtastic. fish family sunday (: / DEEBS IS GOING TO BRAZIL! "whatchu gonna do with all that junk.." holy shakespeare. byebyebye presenation (: it's haaairspray! (: a is for adultery! can.you.run.it. los premios academicos. there's nothing you can do that can't be done.

so sorry i didn't write much about this month.. soo..
here's something funny someone showed me the other day:

march will be a better blogging month (:

1 comment:

  1. i love this. and you. and i'm glad we're in love this week. slash decade.


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