today was a day just like any other.

last night i read this right before i went to bed:

and then i got really sad.

don't get me wrong, i absolutely love to run. i've just had absolutely zero time in the past week and half to even take a nice, casual walk, between being sick and going to work, school, church, rehearsals and shows. i love all of these things, it's just that i've definitely noticed that something's been missing in my life. i figured that i just needed to finish this busy week out and then i'd finally have time to get back in the groove of things and go for a run on monday.

then i went to bed.

and then i woke up. and the day just kept getting better and better!

here's the reader's digest version of what all went down [in no particular order]:
*performing both of my monologues in acting and feeling better about them than i ever have before
*finally finishing my mcethics essay for a scholarship
*finally submitting the aforementioned scholarship application in the nick of time
*retaking my d&c exam and raising my grade significantly
*purchasing a beautiful sweet sixteen sweatshirt to symbolize my eternal love for my cougs 
*going to work and getting off early because no one was coming in to take tests
*volunteering extra hours working on hair + makeup/hanging out with the cast of persuasion
*getting to play hairdresser and realize my dreams of going to hair school as i washed and styled the makeup designer's hair for extra lab hours (:
*officially selling my contract for the entire summer while i'll be home in ohio
*getting to skype dandanoo + mama for awhile (see below)

*mama + dk then proceeded to look through my fb album of picture from daddy's birthday weekend and "like" about fifty of them (again, see below haha)

aaand to top off my absolutely perfectionary day..
*I GOT TO GO FOR A RUN!! a nice three-miler, outside in the breathtakingly gorgeous day, all because i was able to get out of work early because everyone else was (being intelligent!) and taking advantage of the gorgeous weather outside, too, instead of taking tests (:

i. am. blessed. enough said (:


sara(h) trouble, make it double!

so this weekend the lovely SARA HOWLEY WHITACRE arrived in provo, utah! whooop whoop! we have been best friends since the lovely 1st grade with mrs. reynolds. ever since we decided we were twins and decided at recess to switch places the rest of the day on our first day of school... it was fate. we were meant to be. 

we have been through soso much together over the years, from marching band and color guard to basement redecorating and cedar point road trips.. so here is a little mini blast from the past before i continue because pictures are just so much more fun to look at, right?! ps they are in no specific order, just a bunch from high school mostly (because all our older pictures are on fbook and i am on a facebook fast until tomorrow so these will have to do!):

SO BASICALLY sara has never ever been to utah (or out west.. or anywhere really in the world besides ohio and texas..) so she was SO EXCITED even just to see mountains FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER EVER LIFE. see?

she got to provo a bit before 2pm (thanks to my lovely older sister ruth for picking her up at the airport while i was at callbacks for a young company show!) and we packed just about as much as was possible into the rest of that day. meaning starting right off with lunch at ZUPAS. yumm. sara took pictures there though because i forgot my camera so those picture will come later. however, here are delicious pictures of what i got (the usual):

tomato basil soup

+ nuts about berries salad (YUM.)

yumyumyumyum. favorite. restaurant. EVER.

the rest of the day was spent in this order:

(no picture provided.. the drooling was a little too much for public display)

watching byu dominate gonzaga and go onto the sweet sixteen!
thank you, jimmer.

stuffing our faces (for sara's first time) at in-n-out!

we had lots of fun putting these little puzzles together that they gave us while we patiently waited

and this little boy from the booth behind us just couldn't keep his eyes off of us so naturally we had to get a picture of him...

then we went to deseret industries (more popularly known around here as DI)

aaaand then we rounded out the night by going to sammy's.. YUMM

banana cream pie shake + oreo chocolate pie shake = YUM.

the rest of the night we just hung out then we were all in bed by like 11:30pm. WEIRD. we're never in bed that early..

sunday was church from 9am-12pm then we took a nap and went over to ruth's house to watch the osu game (which osu DOMINATED george mason.. no big deal or anything..) and eat some delicious food! sadly though we didn't take any pictures at all on sunday, except for when sara + i skyped my ohio family (mama, daddy + dandanoo!). so here's the one picture from sunday to balance out the overload from saturday (: haha.

i took lots of pictures today (monday) and we had lots of fun but i think there are enough pictures/stories here to last for at least one more day. so, until tomorrow! (:


case in point,

i've finally discovered the reason that i don't blog very often.

it's because when i miss one day, then the next day i just keep thinking about how i need to do a make-up post for that day + the present day. then i miss another day because i don't want to write all of two days' worth out, so i put it off for another day. then i have two days' worth to make up + the present day and i know it'll take even longer so i put it off even more and then..

well, i think you get the picture.

so i'm just going to blog when i can and that's that. (:

so TODAY! nothing very monumental.. acting, spanish + doctrine & covenants classes, seeing the august rush mask club performance (beyond stellar!), then work from 3-6pm at the testing center. i had kind of a headache today.. like all day long. i also wore a ponytail all day long for the first time in probably almost ever because i hardly wear my hair up ever (unless i'm running... then i tend to stay in whatever remains of a sweaty ponytail i have for the rest of the day... but that's another story :). so, lesson learned. no more (being lazy when i'm getting ready in the morning) ponytails for school days!

aaaaaand speaking of running, i miss running. the last time i went was last week (tuesday) before our surprise weekend trip to ohio. and ever since we got back (sunday night) i've had some crazy kind of cold/sore throat. thankfully (with most thanks to extra naps, tissues and my favorite chloraseptic throat drops), i think my sickness is slowly coming to an end. i'm craving a run, since it's been well over a week now since i've laced up my shoes, but hopefully i can hit the pavement by monday - when best friend sara whitacre will be in town visiting me from ohio! eeee (: she gets in town saturday morning and will be here through wednesday!
*editor's note/this cold is clearly getting to my head: the last time i went running was actually this past saturday when i was in ohio, a nice easy 2-miler around emerald parkway. but i guess it will actually be over a week by the time i get back to running on monday!

aaanyway, back to today. i rounded out my day (after getting off work a whole hour early at 6 instead of 7) by heading to legend's grille to watch the second half of the byu basketball game (!!) which we WON against wofford, obviously (: good thing, too, considering i have my bracket filled out with byu facing osu in the championship game..

friends + byu basketball + yummy philly cheesesteak sandwich for dinner = awesome.

maybe i'll actually get to bed early tonight?



happy pi/pie day (:

updates to come tomorrow from kdash reunion weekend!


run it, baby.

so yesterday morning was the run for red 5k that i did with ruth + baby d [her first run with her new bob jogging stroller!]. 

slash ruth's first race with her bob jogger = baby d's first official race! he just loved being all bundled up. can't you tell?!

it was actually a super fun race and located right here inside provo starting at independence high school so we actually saw a lot of friends there!

we met up with ruth's fellow baby-jogger/work friend cassidy + cassidy's sister-in-law before the race.

and i met up with some of my friends after! including ari - the girl i dressed up as the crocodile/nana the dog in peter pan!

can't you see the resemblance?!

love her. we both just love to run and didn't know each other was running this race but it was fun to see each other after!

i also saw my friend brandon. which is actually a funny story because as we were running [it was an out-and-back trail] there were all the super-fast boys running past us on the opposite side of the trail on the last leg of the race. then all of a sudden i see a boy run by that i recognize and i yelled "brandon! you hate running!" which is funny because he really doesn't like to run yet he was just leisurely jogging his way ahead onto the finish. he's pretty cool too. even though he refused to smile in a picture with me.

ruth + baby d + i stuck around after the race to eat yummy pancake breakfast and hear awards and such.. which basically = playing with baby d so that he stays happy for another hour.

but really what kept him interested was the actual act of taking pictures of him. the camera just loves this little guy.

we ended up doing pretty well in the race, especially considering the fact that we were stuck behind a slew of walkers and slow-joggers for the first leg of the race. we had to try skipping around the people who wouldn't move out of our way by going into the grass/gravel around the trail.. poor baby d hahah. but he lived.. and ended up happy as can be because he got to eat pancakes and puffs post-race with two rock-star runners!

the first number is our placing overall among the women in the 5k, then our bib numbers, age, placing in age group, and time. i think it came out to about a 8:34 mile, which is pretty good considering our circumstances. next race will be better (:

happy utah racing family (:


gymmers > jimmers

besides doing terribly on my shakespeare midterm this morning, today has been pretty grand!

i went for a run today after school that was supposed to be 2 miles according to my training plan for my 10k but when i got home and mapped it on mapmyrun.com i definitely realized that i ran closer to 3 miles.. whoops (: tomorrow is the run for red 5k that i am running with ruth + some of her friends, too. probably not the best idea to run as much as i did the day before a race but who am i kidding.. it felt shorter than it was and i love running so i'm sure tomorrow will be great!

 after my run i came home and hung out with/ate dinner with micae before getting ready to go to the byu gymnastics meet with my roommate from last year, macey. i hadn't seen her in way too long and it was super fun catching up and stuff.. plus now we're pretty sure we're living together next year (: funny how things work out like that. basically. awesome.

haylee [macey's roommate + my good friend from last year as well] is on the gymnastics team and she did stellar tonight!

this is from when she was doing vault.. i only got one picture but i love it. little egg-shaped haylee.

then she did bars! what a rock star. she did floor too [just not vault] but i was too distracted by her comical routine + floor music to take any pictures. whoops.

all in all it was fun sitting in the stands with mace and her friends + reminiscing about going to all the meets last year and just freshman year in general. cosmo even came over to say hello because obviously we were the best fans there.

plus it's always fun seeing the crazy signs some people make in the stands. "krysten has beam-er fever." yum.

sadly, byu lost by just .335 points. RIDICULOUS I KNOW.

oh well. gymnastics meets are still crazy fun to go to. just love friends.

tomorrow will be pictures from the race! even though i just realized a moment ago that i somehow forgot to register (?!) so i will have to do that whole day-of registration junk right when i get there. as long as i still get a t-shirt i'll be happy..
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