frubruary time!

my january in review:

best.day.ever. back it up ): [airport] terminally ill. back to schoooool! CONGRATS DANIEL (: junkie. ARGYLE. slumbertime. get it together. PICK TWO. and so it begins.. napping queen. i'm flyiiiiing! practice practice practice. sleepy mcsleeperson. fully energized. thank you martin luther! three hour breaks (: never, neverland! surprises, surprises (: happy birthday to you! (: oh bla di oh bla da. supersunday. la moa! choosy. ser organizada. freeeeeeeeeedom! "we have a mother.." let the pppd begin :/ anna's in the 801! (: kdash4ever. <3


my apologies for being years and years since i've updated. this pretty much sums up why i haven't:

yeah that's right, PETER PAN!

so once upon a time i had decided to take 17 credits this semester (only 1 more than last semester, in which i got straight A's and one B, thank you very much). then first day of classes my theatre production teacher e-mails all us kiddies and says 'hey we need an extra dresser for peter pan, you could get your tma 360 credit out of the way now if you did it. anyone interested?'

I WAS. i hadn't been a theatre production since HIGH SCHOOL (only a year ago, but still) aaaaaaand, long story short, i accepted to take on one more credit (putting me at byu's max for a semester: 18 credits!) to work on peter pan for three weeks. BEST. EXPERIENCE. EVER. at least one of them, anyway. and it has been a BLAST. i made so many new friends and finally had my first real immersion in BYU theatre! lovelovelove. so good, especially since i'm a theatre major and all (:

now my life is getting back to normal and i'm cooking again (today i made a grilled tuna salad sandwich from scratch with pickles and carrots and all sorts of fun stuff... it was SO yum but i ate it all before i had a chance to take a picture.. oops) instead of eating frozen dinners and cereal all the time aaaaaand *drumroll please* i am going to start RUNNING AGAIN tomorrow!!!!! sososososooso stoked! ruthers + i are running a race together on the 12th (even though i haven't been running in three weeks since peter pan started... double oops) and i am sososo stoked! now i can really get started on my 10k training for real (: now just to get caught up on homework.. but that'll come (:


IN OTHER NEWS, anna came to visit this weekend!!! the circumstances weren't the best, but we were soso glad she came regardless (:

just love brownie cake for anna's bday this friday!

kdash sisters 4 ev <3 dolls! (;


basically i'm ready for february to start! lots of chocolate to go around + running again + catching up on schoolwork + my break-the-dating-fast party on saturday (!!) + other things. stay tuned (:


  1. yay running! love you, dollface! thanks for the pics!

    ps. we need to work on that whole redeye thing...


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