this is your first warning

that today is going to be the day of many posts. and you'll soon understand why..

so TO START THIS ALL OFF, my december in words by the day! (:

killers. utter failure. llama caroling. halfway to forty! surpriseeee! $31 snowboarding! sign language. SUCCESS = 92%! bye fall term (: come together. complete fiction imitation. BRING IT ON! holy exhaustion/record-breaking! best workout of my ever life! done with finals!!! ayayay. holy exhaustion x2. gogogo! HELLOOO, ANNA + wausau + mac n cheese pizza! (: naps + cinnamon rolls. i am the sister of anna carrera! HOLY HUNGER GAMES. welcome back to the 614! (: oh braids. dear christmas eve, thanks for making me completely broke! best christmas present ever = ANNA surprising us in ohio! ((((((: zerosleeperstein. HELP! i <3 to ski. achybreakybody. 100+ bowler (: 2011 here we comeeee!

1 comment:

  1. wow congrats on your first BIG run of the year!!!



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