so i lied

when i said that i would be writing more than one post on january 1st. because, well.. i realized after that post that spending time with my ohio family was more important than blogging (: and now that i've got a four-and-a-half-hour layover in memphis, tennessee, i have had just a little bit of time to clean up my blog and start the new year on here off right. so here we go!

a decade of determination.

my new blog design/quote/title/etc. all have their own meanings that basically boil down to these basic ideas that are something kinda like new year's resolutions:

-i just turned twenty. two decades of my life have now passed. the first is somewhat of a blur and the second one was over before i really realized it. so i am determined to make this next one beyond memorable, including blogging here more often to keep record of my next decade [or so] of life.
-i feel like i've lived a lot of my life just watching it pass by. playing things relatively safe and sticking with what i'm comfortable with... like how i always order the same thing at certain restaurants every time i go or listen to the same twenty songs on my itunes when i have over twenty-five hundred on there. so i'm going to shake things up and really try to step out of my "comfort zone" from here on out and try/be open to new things. all inclusive (: with reason, of course.
-one of my friends asked me a few weeks back what my "life motto" was. and i had no idea, besides your typical run-of-the-mill famous quotes like "live life to the fullest" etc. so decided since then to look for what could be the "slogan of my life"... i never found it, but i stumbled upon the quote above by american author george lorimer and i figured if i had a motto for my life then i'd be something like that. at least for the way i want to live my life. so that's awesome.
-i want to do a number of things this year, mostly revolving around some of my favorite things. including (1) run a 10k, half-marathon and full marathon, (2) invest in and learn how to use a nice dslr camera, (3) learn to live within a budget and build up a savings and (4) get straight A's in a semester at BYU. these all are going to take some serious determination, so all the more reason to choose to live my life more determined-ly (?). sure.
-i wanted a change. and i liked the design. the end.

basically, it's never a bad time to change your life around for the better. so i'm doing it! a little everyday. i'm determined to (: my new favorite word, if you can't already tell. i'll post pictures from winter break (and my birthday, since i never did that either..) sometime later this week. promise!

aaaand in the meantime, enjoy a picture of one of my MOST favorite things - my little brother daniel. and how much bigger my head is than his.

four short words sum up what has lifted most successful individuals above the crowd: a little bit more. [alv]


  1. i think you ROCK and i'm so excited for the new you to come home to me TONIGHT. there is MUCH to be discussed:)

  2. I totally know the whole 'life passing you bye(by?)' thing. I didn't realize it until a couple years ago when I realized how much I actually missed highschool & wished I could go back & live it again. I was wasting all the time I could have been living my college years wishing about highschool & now I think 'I wish I could live my college years over.'...It's the same stupid cycle & I hope I'm finally wise enough to live NOW. Im only 23. I'm not old at all, but I feel it! Grrr Provo. Anyway, that long rant was a way of saying, good job for realizing it now :)

    <3 you Sar!

  3. seriously SO MUCH to discuss!
    and i love you too em (:

  4. i like your new layout ( :

    happy new yearrrr


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