first things first / day zero goal #17 - Run a 5k

i have about seventeen thousand posts to do about the past few weeks, so i'm going to go in whatever order i want.
first off being this - on the first of january i ran my first race of the new year! wahoooooooo! it was [ironically enough] called "the first on the first" and it was a 5k walk/run; i chose the latter.

AAAAAAAAAND [drumroll, please] i got first place in my age group! and before you ask, yes there were more than three girls in my age group. i just only took a picture of the top three (:

but something even MORE exciting [at least to talk about] is this: i got 85th out of 537! ayayaya! and where it says "sex/tot" that means the place you got out of your gender group, if you will. so i finished 16th out of 298 girls!!! which i think is what is most exciting.

but my favorite part about this little snippet is the age range.. which is why i cut out the names of such a broad range of those around me.. let's analyze this.

1. i beat a twelve year old! [but a 6-year-old beat me.]
2. i beat a number of male runners! [but they were all over 40 and a 63-year-old man beat me.]
3. i beat the only other female close to me! [but she's 47 and was beating me the entire time... i just sprinted ahead of her at the end]

basically, i'm being just totally humorous listing all those things out above. my main point is the fact that you are never too old or too young to run. and also that if you run.. you are a runner! there were SO many people that ran this race: men and women, preteens and middle-aged people, even different races of people [i know! crazy right?] - the list goes on and on. and that's what i love about running (: it's for ANYONE, anytime, anywhere. you can even jog in place and call yourself a runner if you want to! i won't judge (:

basically.. this was a really fun race. the most fun part of it for me was that in the past little handful of 5k's i've run before, i've always walked at least part of the race, like taking a break from running/sprinting/jogging because i have zero idea how to pace myself. so this was a milestone race for me for three specific reasons:
1. i really followed a training plan from start-to-finish and it made a world of a difference! building up endurance and all that jazz.
2. i ran [and have been training] without listening to music.. and it's helped SO much as well to train myself to listen to my body and learn better how to pace myself.
3. i don't remember my other reason now even though i know i had three.. but basically i just love running and  this is all one step closer to my 10k/half-marathon/marathon to come in the next few months! ayayaya!
[editor's note: i just remembered the third reason (: it's because i did the whole race running the whole time!! no stops or walks whatsoever! whoop whoop.]

this is the only picture i got. funny story: the lady who took it took a really blurry picture first and she handed my camera back to me and was like "is that okay?" and i said "yeah its great!" without really looking at the picture because i didn't want to be rude and demean her photography skills.. so i walked all the way back to my car in the rain before i realized that i couldn't even really figure out who the girl in the picture was because it was so darn blurry... so i ran back inside and sheepishly asked her to take another picture. and then, again, [so i wouldn't be doubly rude, clearly] i just took the camera and ran and hoped it would be a clearer picture. and it was! and it is. so there. thank you lady! [ps everyone got a finisher's medal, aka what i'm wearing. for my age group award, it was a piece of paper that said to redeem it at fleet feet sports for $15 off of something by february.. i just skipped the reward and kept my index card award for a keepsake (: ]

AND to start off the new year 2011, i filled up my gas tank to $20.11 because i was in a great mood and i needed gas and i am a complete and total nerd.

AND x2, i got my favorite post-run/race meal on the way home from PANERA. i was so excited.

an asiago bagel [almost entirely consumed on the drive home which is why there is no picture of it, i couldn't control myself], a cinnamon crunch bagel and a strawberry smoothie (: yummmmm.

AND AND AND x3, it was finally 2011 so i could finally break my new year's resolution of 2010 to not eat any donuts!

i was incredibly excited x infinity. lovelovelove my deep-fried dough. 

so basically.. that was the start to my new year.
and basically.. best day of my ever life.
and if this is any predictor to how the rest of this year is going to play out..
bring it on 2011 (:


  1. ayayaya so proud.

    1. emily's most famous quote was telling me that eating yogurt makes you fat. mostly because as she told me, she was eating a handful of donuts.

    2. congrats congrats congrats on the run ( : and the strawberry smoothie (yummm)

    3. you got beat by a 6-year-old. that's my favorite part.

  2. SO proud!!! also jealousssssssssss cant wait to run with you and have you kick my butt :)


  3. lsdjflsakjflskefjlsjl
    ^^ that is me storming into our room with excitement because i am SO PROUD OF YOU, ROOMMATE!

    ^^ that is your angry face at me because you're reading mockingjay and i've already interrupted you a billion times.

    and because that is the outcome i predict, i will sit here and type instead. and i will wait patiently for you to come to me first.

    meanwhile, i'll probably get on facebook and write about how awesome you are.

    k love bye.


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