i am done with finals.
i got ANOTHER "A" on one of them in the testing center today.
..its only wednesday (finals run through friday.. aka i got them done early!)
and so i'm going to go on a quick rant before bed.

and as ridiculous as it might be that so many 'young singers' are 'breaking through,'
i am a huge greyson chance fan.
because (especially for a 12-year-old) he is actually talented.
no offense, justin bieber/willow smith/young pop stars galore, but this kid can sing AND he plays piano all on his own. his talent show performance went viral on youtube and if you watch the video, its hard to think he wouldn't get noticed sooner than later. ellen (love her) picked him and featured him on her show and then signed him to her new record label, and his new song/music video is so simple and real and actually quite good.

i don't care if his voice will change as soon as puberty hits. he's one of the good ones. and i am done with finals and in a stellar mood and i think he is GREAT. watch the vids and try to tell me you think otherwise.

slash.. i'm sure you could chalk it up to my having an incredibly musically gifted 12-year-old brother (with the piano, trumpet, voice, and just about a million other non-musical-related things, as well) and if anyone tried telling me his talent would mean 'nothing once he hits puberty..' i'd probably punch them in the face. because if you're really talented, it doesn't matter what age/height/disabilities/changes/etc. you have or go through. talent is talent. and although i'm a huge greyson chance fan.. i am an ASTRONOMICAL fan of daniel kron and all his millions of talents. and i cannot wait to see him in just under a week from now for christmas break! he is awesome. <3 little brother.

still need to do a birthday post but i work nine hours tomorrow so.. this weekend. for sure (:


  1. yeah right. you will not have time to blog this weekend because you're going to be having too much fun in WISCONSIN.

    and by him i mean you too.
    i miss you.
    but not that much;)
    k bye.


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