the SECOND best day of my ever life.

remember this post? and how it was the best day of my ever life because i got an "A" in the testing center?

well LO AND BEHOLD, it's happened again! for my 50 question new testament test! and i am EXTREMELY stoked about it! (:
[disclaimer: this post and its previous one are not intended to be bragging. for the most part, anyway. i was just a terrible student last year and this is a huge improvement for me, as you'll see below. and it's my blog anyway so i can brag if i want to, right? (; ]

right before i went up to campus to take it i was talking to one of my roommates about how i needed to get at least an 88% on this test in order to get an "A" in the class overall (i know that may sound relatively simple, but my past two tests in this class i'd gotten an 82% and a 78%, so things weren't exactly looking promising).

BUT IT HAPPENED! i did even better than i could have possibly hoped! i guess hard work + studying + going to class + etc. really does pay off (imagine that!). 
my score is the 92% "Well done!" (:
right before i started taking this test, i remembered how last year i completely blew off my classes and homework- and especially my tests in the testing center. i would consider myself lucky if i walked out of there with a score that was higher than a "C."

but this year.. i'm going into taking tests planning to come out with a "B+" or "A-" and really seeing my hard work pay off. it's amazing how small changes (going to class, studying regularly, doing readings, etc.) can really make such a huge difference in the long run.

i feel like a whole new person. (:

p.s. tomorrow's the last day of classes! so sometime this weekend i'll write about my birthday this past saturday and how awesome it was (:


  1. you are doing wayyy better in college than i ever did (at least in the testing center -- which i was able to avoid for the most part). winner winner chicken dinner.

  2. i'm really glad that i live with the smartest person in the world.
    you're amazing:)


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