run it.

i have run over 10 miles in the past four days.
(and that's including sunday which was my rest day).
and i feel GREAT.

i know i've been running for a few months now pretty consistently (at least much more consistently than I had been previously: 2-4 times a week now vs. the previous 1-2 times whenever-i-had-the-time-to-run) but in the past few weeks i've really started to rack up some mileage and feel the burn in my legs and (this weekend especially!) wake up with a craving to get out of my house and just RUN. and i love it!

i'm signed up to race my first race of the new year on the very first day of 2011 (first race on the 1st of january!) here in ohio and I'm also signing up to race my second race two weeks after that with ruth in utah (: and i just. want. to. sign. up. for. more!!

i fell asleep thinking about getting to go running first thing in the morning. and i'm sure as a consequence of that, i dreamt three specific dreams last night (at least three that i can remember).

1. i ran one 5k race that i signed up for but it was on some kind of dinky indoor track and i didn't realize that it was only for disabled people but they told me to run anyway and i finished first and after only a few minutes (obviously unrealistic, but awesome nonetheless), only to discover that I wanted to keep running.. so I ran right out of the place before even accepting any awards or anything.

2. i was signed up to run a race at nighttime with ruth so i was running around warming up waiting for her to pick me up and 11pm rolls by and i finally gave up waiting and figured i should call her so i ran upstairs to my room to get my phone and saw anna asleep and everyone else in my house asleep and (even though that's completely normal for everyone in my family to be asleep by then.. except maybe anna but she normally wouldn't even be in ohio, but whatever) then got so angry because no one was running around like i was so clearly the race had already started so i just took it upon myself to go out and run until i wasn't upset anymore about missing the race.

3. i was at this huge indoor arena/track with all of my testing center amigos that i work with. we were all warming up together for some intense battle-of-the-testing-centers race (don't ask me why..) and we all just ran and ran and ran to warm up and i don't remember the race ever happening but i remember running and talking to micaela (which is slightly odd because she doesn't particularly enjoy running, but i was in a dream so i'll take it) and jared and kelsey and it was so fun and we were all goofing around and wearing really ridiculous running outfits.

so basically..
i'm think i'm officially running obsessed.
and 2011 is (kind of like ruth!) going to be the year of many races..
from 5ks to (at least one!) marathon(s) and everything in between!


but it's a bit past eight and i've been itching to run while writing this entire post so.. later! (:


  1. i love that i'm in shape in your dreams. WHICH IS A TOTAL LIE! and i love that you're in shape in real life. WHICH IS ULTIMATE FACT.
    you're perfect.
    and i miss you.

  2. ayayaya i am so glad you are running with me :) I wish I could run with you on the first, but I will be with you in spirit! make sure to not overdo it so you dont get injured, and I assume youve already done so but look up a training plan in Runnersworld.com and make sure you only increase your mileage by (max) 10% a week to avoid injury :) i love youuuuu


  3. aww miss you all. i'll be running here...thinking of you guysss.

  4. i love every one of youuuuuuuuuuu fjsdkalfjsdkal <3


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