november in review,

following in anna's footsteps and doing the 'describe-your-life-in-one-word-per-day' thing..

here's november!

working hard. overachieving. peaceful and free. starving. clean. frightful. self-control. stressful. success! romeo <3. zoned out. fresh start! don't stop. seriously, throat?! sir paul mccartney. don't stop x2. TOMS (: love me do. 4 months! lonely. hold me tight. early presents! blizzard? move it. thanks! minor relapse. numb. snow! happy face. here goes nothing..

and since i've been hanging out with him a bunch lately (in november!), i'll leave it to my favorite nephew baby D to introduce the next month:

it's time to move over, november..

it's time for the craziness of december/aunt sarah's birthday/CHRISTMAS! (:

now that's something to smile about (:


  1. ahhhhhhhhh great pics! i just stole them all. more pics! more pics!


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