"carol llama."

the title really says it all..

BUT just in case you're confused, i'll explain a bit (:

so last year my roommate micaela and i hiked up to campus in the snow and freezing coldness with two boys we were good friends with to the law building because allegedly there were going to be llamas and allegedly we would be caroling with them and allegedly it was going to be a stellartastic time.

we were too late.
we got there and there were no signs of carolers. or llamas.

but this year we moved into a new ward and became friends with some new kiddos and it just so happens that they had heard of llama caroling, too!


not only had they heard of llama caroling.. nonono, one of their best friends from their freshman ward STARTED what is officially called "carol llama" their freshman year!!! so this year... i went llama caroling!

and... well, it's basically exactly what it says it is. we split up in groups of about 5-7 people per llama (there were about 15 llamas total) and we went around and sang christmas carols to people who would open their doors to us and then they'd freak out seeing a huge llama on their lawn and they'd give us canned food for the food bank. basically. awesome.

apparently it's a yearly occurrence, so you should come next year! they even had hot cocoa and donuts for the carolers. and llamas are actually pretty good listeners. and they make funny noises. when we were singing it almost sounded like they were humming along with us! ..sometimes.

and in case you're curious.. a couple of fun facts about llamas:
they're not as tame as they look.
they kick.
and spit.
and run away if you aren't careful.
and they can jump! kind of.
and they don't really like to be pet/touched/close to humans. or around loud noises. which is ironic because we (humans) were walking around with them (llamas) caroling (singing loudly - to even more humans).
oh, and they also are "better in pairs." that's what the guy in charge said, anyway. but it's true. they love being together and it really calms them down.. they kind of go crazy spastic and jumpy if they're left by themselves with just a bunch of college kids. 

anyway, here's some pictures of me with "dali llama." our group's other llama (because we're awesome and got two llamas!) was "llama queen." (: enjoy!

having a heart-to-heart conversation.
best. friends. forever. <3 + the provo temple in the background!

oh and p.s... in about 15 minutes i will no longer be a teenager. anymore. ever. forever.


  1. this is so ridiculous. i wish i had ever heard of it.


  2. hahaha i wish i could have done that my freshman year!!! ps aer you and the llama an item now? you look kinda close...


  3. I could use one of those face mask leashes for a certain 2 year old is my life :)

    Plus, that sounds awesome.

  4. thank you!
    + of course we're an item.
    + you totally should get one for johnny ahahah.


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