never in my life

have i had class cancelled do to a blizzard warning, much less an impending one.

back home in ohio, we could wake up in the morning [after a night full of praying for a snow day and wearing our pjs inside out and flushing ice cubes down the toilet] and see at least a couple inches of snow and some ice covering the streets and sidewalks and immediately run to check the radio/tv/10tv.com website to see if school would be cancelled... only to hardly ever even get a measly 2-hour delay.

and now i'm living my second consecutive year in utah and my entire college campus is shutting down early because apparently it's supposed to snow...[a lot]... "sometime soon?"

...have i mentioned i have yet to see even a single snowflake fall today?

click on the picture to make it bigger.
i have to admit though, assuming this all works out...
i'm kind of excited to see what being in a blizzard's like (:

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