day zero.

first off, happy november! (: after jumping right from summer weather to winter weather a couple of weeks back here in utah, it finally seems to have rewound a bit back to autumn weather and it is absolutely gorgeous. lovelovelove it.

however, much more exciting than even autumn (even though it is my favorite season ever) is the fact that today marks the start of my day zero project! you can click on that to see what its all about. basically you just make a list of 101 things you want to accomplish in 1001 days.. and today (november 1, 2010) marks the first official day on the project! i'm doing it with ruth, anna, micaela, emily and jamie, too. because we're all awesome. and day zero is awesome.

maybe you should make one too (:


  1. I made one a while back, so i have to reset my date... when is 1001 days from today?

  2. i think if you reset your starting date then it automatically resets your finishing date, too. but the last date is july 30, 2013 (:


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