there are some pop-up ads that i don't think i'll ever fully comprehend..

thanksgiving pictures to come later (:


never in my life

have i had class cancelled do to a blizzard warning, much less an impending one.

back home in ohio, we could wake up in the morning [after a night full of praying for a snow day and wearing our pjs inside out and flushing ice cubes down the toilet] and see at least a couple inches of snow and some ice covering the streets and sidewalks and immediately run to check the radio/tv/10tv.com website to see if school would be cancelled... only to hardly ever even get a measly 2-hour delay.

and now i'm living my second consecutive year in utah and my entire college campus is shutting down early because apparently it's supposed to snow...[a lot]... "sometime soon?"

...have i mentioned i have yet to see even a single snowflake fall today?

click on the picture to make it bigger.
i have to admit though, assuming this all works out...
i'm kind of excited to see what being in a blizzard's like (:


day zero goal #83 - buy a pairs of TOMS.

i just bought a pair of shoes for myself, a pair of shoes for a child in africa, AND accomplished a day zero goal, all at once!

and i feel fantastic.

click here to buy one-for-one!

care to do the same? (:


tickle me thursdayyyy...!

(: check out tickle me thursday there!


tickle me thursday!

these two kinda go hand in hand.
just love steve carrell [he's on the right in the first video] J


day zero goal #100 - influence a person to make a day zero list.

this happened YESTERDAY! after i posted about my dayzeroproject initiation online on my facebook.
and i was so excited (:

alex is one of the most hilarious and genuine people i know. we met/became friends last year after spontaneous road trip to park city.. and playing mancala.. and the works! i'm sososo excited she's starting a list too. jump on the bandwagon (:


day zero goal #6 - delete unnecessary facebook friends.

first day and i've already got my first goal out of the way!

went from 600 friends exactly down to 493. and yes, i'm positive i know every single one (:

day zero.

first off, happy november! (: after jumping right from summer weather to winter weather a couple of weeks back here in utah, it finally seems to have rewound a bit back to autumn weather and it is absolutely gorgeous. lovelovelove it.

however, much more exciting than even autumn (even though it is my favorite season ever) is the fact that today marks the start of my day zero project! you can click on that to see what its all about. basically you just make a list of 101 things you want to accomplish in 1001 days.. and today (november 1, 2010) marks the first official day on the project! i'm doing it with ruth, anna, micaela, emily and jamie, too. because we're all awesome. and day zero is awesome.

maybe you should make one too (:
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