under construction.

so.. i've been thinking a lot lately.
and there's a TON of things i want to do, things i want to change, things i want to be better at, etc.
and i keep thinking about these things.
and i keep telling myself i'll fix them/change them/do them.
but you know what i've realized?

life is always a work-in-progress.
it's always gonna be under construction. i'm (realistically) never going to be able to change the world or do everything i want to do.. all at once in this VERY moment.

so you know what i've decided? 

#1. i'm officially accepting my life as being (eternally) 'under construction.' (check.)
#2. i'm gonna go ahead and set up a reasonable amount of orange barrels in my life, listing out all the things i want to do. (check!)
#3. i'm gonna actually start to take action on some of them: making plans and working them out by accomplishing my goals little by little. (working on it..!)

because what fun is the "highway of life" if you've just got a bunch of orange barrels slowing you down and no newly paved roads to help make the ride a bit smoother?

you know, you could learn a thing or two from me, I-15.


  1. ahahaha that is AWESOME.

    love youuuuu

  2. Hahaaaaaaahahahaaa

    Dear I-15

    I second Sarah

  3. ahh i love TFD. i have an idea. i'm posting it to your FB ( :


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