"be still, hear it beating..

it's leading you; follow your heart."

i want to follow my dreams. i want to be the best i can be. i want to do what i am truly passionate and love and care so much about.
but lately, i'm feeling like this about everyone else's view on me and my dreams (*note: i am represented by the dark-looking man. not the asian lady):

but i know what i'm doing is right. i know i have a reasonable plan. i know it's a realistic goal. and what i want to do with my life will undoubtedly help other people achieve their dreams and such in the future because of what i can teach them.

so you know what? i'm following my dreams. i'm following my heart. i'm going to do what i really, truly, deeply love. and i hope that the people who mean the most to me will have a change of heart all their own and hop on board with me. because they're the people i most want to see cheering me on and helping me along the way.

"a bright shining world is just waiting to start: no anger or madness, just laughter and gladness..
if only i follow my heart."

-forever ♥ urinetown (:



    And I love this musical!


  2. Oh yeah. And what you are doing with your life is totally worthwhile. and you WILL inspire TONS of people girl. and you already have. You've inspired me dearie, and I mean it!

  3. (((: thanks love! it means a ton!

  4. grosss.....urinetown :)
    youre doing the right thing, sarah. dont worry about what anyone else says.
    except for me and anna. and dustin. and maybe drew.'but only because we love you so much!!!


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