F is for..

i love mine.
and skyping with them.
and watching daniel do his ever-famous "booty dance."

and knowing that they care about and love me oh so much, even when i'm 2,000+ miles away.

thank heavens for technology and my incredibly beautiful ohio family J


tickle me thursday

so my sister ruth does this thing called 'wordless wednesday' on her blog where (on wednesdays, clearly) she makes a post of just pictures, no words.

i'm officially taking it upon myself to do something similar, just more my style (:

thus, i declare today the first official tickle me thursday:


the brain specialist.

so today i woke up at 8am and i went alllllllll the way up to the top floor of the swkt (the super top secret 12th floor that you need a special code to get to from the 11th- you can't access it from the elevators). 

for two hours of the morning i took a handful of (surprisingly really entertaining) memory tests, answered a bunch of personal questions about my psychological history and then (drumroll, please) got an EEG!
i know it may not sound all that exciting, but i got what's called a geodesic dense array EEG sensor net put onto my head like this:

and then it was strapped around my eyes and ears like this:

aaaaand then i got to see the electroencephalography (EEG) graph first hand! looked something like this:

he had me blink a bunch in a row and then clench my jaw and watch how the graph changed.. those are two examples of 'brain-electric activity' that the EEG monitored.. so both of those things showed up really dark on the graph. it was way cool to be able to do something and then see it shown on the graph because (obviously) the brain controls all of everything you do!

now, i know this isn't as cool as you were probably expecting it to be.. but take my word for it, it was awesome. after taking all these tests and doing a number of activities with the EEG sensor net on my head, the specialist (aka graduate student) was able to tell me a bunch of things about myself (like about how high my IQ is, how well my cognitive skills are, what kind of a learner i am, etc.) - just from the tests! plus, all the testing was done as a part of a research study- so i got paid $25 for just two hours of doing fun stuff and getting my brain all checked out! awesome.

and you know what the best part is? the reason i qualified was because i had previously gotten a (/multiple) concussion(s)! finally a little silver lining from suffering through all of those head injuries..

so basically, today was awesome. and it reminded me of a brief monty python clip that dandanoo + daddy back home really enjoy.. so i hope you will too (:


under construction.

so.. i've been thinking a lot lately.
and there's a TON of things i want to do, things i want to change, things i want to be better at, etc.
and i keep thinking about these things.
and i keep telling myself i'll fix them/change them/do them.
but you know what i've realized?

life is always a work-in-progress.
it's always gonna be under construction. i'm (realistically) never going to be able to change the world or do everything i want to do.. all at once in this VERY moment.

so you know what i've decided? 

#1. i'm officially accepting my life as being (eternally) 'under construction.' (check.)
#2. i'm gonna go ahead and set up a reasonable amount of orange barrels in my life, listing out all the things i want to do. (check!)
#3. i'm gonna actually start to take action on some of them: making plans and working them out by accomplishing my goals little by little. (working on it..!)

because what fun is the "highway of life" if you've just got a bunch of orange barrels slowing you down and no newly paved roads to help make the ride a bit smoother?

you know, you could learn a thing or two from me, I-15.


the best day of my ever life.

i never thought this day would come..
but it just shows how much my hard work and studying is paying off this semester (:
lo and behold..

(*granted, it was for my marriage prep class but it was almost 100 questions and i studied long and hard for it.. so yes. think what you will. but i am incredibly proud.)

yes, i am the 93% Awesome! score at the top.
yes, i am incredibly proud.
and yes, this will definitely be happening again!

oh, and to top it all off, right before i walked through to the door to check my score downstairs i was bombarded by this group of kids with pots and pans and cups in hand.. they were handing out free, delicious, warm soup to all the students who had just finished taking tests!

i know what you're thinking, only at byu, right? laugh all you want.. but i'll tell you, tomato soup never tasted so good. (:


Why Teach Theatre in our Schools?

Theatre is a SCIENCE.
Theatre is HISTORY.
Theatre is TECHNOLOGY.
Theatre is ECONOMICS.

Theatre is taught in schools
Not because you are expected to major in theatre,
Not because you are expected to perform all through life,
Not so you can relax,
Not so you can have fun,
So you will recognize BEAUTY,
So you will be SENSITIVE,
So you will be closer to an INFINITE BEYOND THIS WORLD,
So you will have more LOVE,
More GOOD,
In short,
More LIFE.

Of what value will it be to make a prosperous living
Unless you know how to live?

That is why theatre is taught in our schools.


This was the poem included in my Pre-professional Educational Theatre Association membership card/welcome letter/other information packet that I got in the mail today.

I don't think I've been more excited to open anything else in my life:

Theatre is what I love.
Theatre is what I've done.
And teaching Theatre is what I'm choosing to do
for lifeJ


"be still, hear it beating..

it's leading you; follow your heart."

i want to follow my dreams. i want to be the best i can be. i want to do what i am truly passionate and love and care so much about.
but lately, i'm feeling like this about everyone else's view on me and my dreams (*note: i am represented by the dark-looking man. not the asian lady):

but i know what i'm doing is right. i know i have a reasonable plan. i know it's a realistic goal. and what i want to do with my life will undoubtedly help other people achieve their dreams and such in the future because of what i can teach them.

so you know what? i'm following my dreams. i'm following my heart. i'm going to do what i really, truly, deeply love. and i hope that the people who mean the most to me will have a change of heart all their own and hop on board with me. because they're the people i most want to see cheering me on and helping me along the way.

"a bright shining world is just waiting to start: no anger or madness, just laughter and gladness..
if only i follow my heart."

-forever ♥ urinetown (:

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