baby d!

yesterday i had the wonderful privilege of getting to watch baby d for a few hours on campus with my friends micaela and tyler. it was actually pretty comical seeing all the weird looks and expressions i'd get from passersby, considering (1) i don't have a ring on my finger and at byu that's kinda taboo and (2) i don't look quite old enough to be in college, much less old enough to have a baby of my own.

but it was a stellar afternoon filled with giggles and tears and a lot of napping while we strolled and carried him around.

do i have the cutest nephew ever? i think i'll let you answer that one for yourself (:


  1. haha he actually napped with you? thats a first :)

  2. welll.. he napped. micae and i just laid down next to his stroller in the grass (:

  3. so jealous. love you + baby d ( :


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