let's get this party started

so you know that feeling you get on the night before the first day of school, where you're so excited for new classes, new friends and new experiences (not to mention wearing your killer first-day-of-school outfit)? SO excited, in fact, that you toss and turn for the better part of the night because you just want it to start already?!

i've just hit that point.

it's the night before leaving to go back out to utah. our flight leaves in about ten hours from now. granted, i won't be actually starting school at byu for fall term for another sixteen days (not that i'm counting).. but just being back out in utah (+ spending time with ruth, anna, drew + baby d!) now with the whole family (mom, dad, daniel + grandma) is going to make for a spectacular preface to my sophomore year. i just wish i could get to bed.. because waking up in a few hours will put me THAT much closer to leaving the house, getting to the airport, getting on the plane, arriving in salt lake city.. fdjsaklfjdasklfjsadkljflkadsj;

this morning seriously cannot possibly come any sooner (:

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