jesus loves the little children

today was my last sunday in the worthington ward.
today was my last sunday in ohio.
today was daniel's first time passing the sacrament.
today i was asked to help out in the nursery.
today my mom gave the lesson in relief society.

and each one of those things just brightened my day a little more (:
the first two are a bit sad to think of, but honestly (at this point, at least) i'm just getting so incredibly anxious and excited and every feeling in between about going back out to byu, and just utah in general. i don't know what it is.. but i'm just so.. ready. almost, anyway.

the last three were the most noteworthy, though.

firstly, daniel passing the sacrament for the first time.
he is seriously growing up faster than i can handle. i've told people this before, but seriously- sometimes i feel like his older sister just goofing around with him, and other times i just feel like a proud mama to him (: he is just such a wonderful, worthy priesthood holder and so happy and sensitive (having three older sisters probably naturally does that to you..). he has such a special spirit and i honestly can't wait to see him grow bigger and stronger each and every day - physically (as he's already almost as tall as me and able to pick me up!) and spiritually.

and as a side note, it was one of the coolest things ever to hear (while i was getting ready for church this morning) my dad + daniel talking downstairs about how to pass the sacrament and the different 'routes' and so on and so forth. i could tell daniel was getting so excited (and he was even ready to go almost a whole hour early!) and my dad was so proud. he did a stellar job today, even though he was holding the water tray with both hands ('just as backup' - as daniel said (: ).
this is the picture from last week after he was given the priesthood by my father (standing directly behind him) with the help of the other men in the picture (clockwise from left: patriarch hope, adam parsons, daniel parkus, theran selph, brother weber, brother sabin, and cecil fuentes).

secondly, helping out in the nursery for the second and most of the third hour was one of the funnest experiences of my life (not to mention that i have SO much more respect for anyone who gets called to serve in the nursery). from attempts to teach these kids to share the dinosaurs and babydolls to trying to get them to sit still on their carpet squares long enough to sing 'jesus wants me for a sunbeam' to making sure they don't choke on their goldfish and pretzels during snacktime and coming full circle to playtime again.. time just FLEW by. but these little two-year-olds that i had the pleasure of taking care of for an hour-and-a-half were some of the most beautiful and sweet children everrrrrr. even when they were trying to drive toy cars up my face or shove goldfish in my mouth (: i lovelovelovelove kidsss. which is another reason i can't WAIT to get out to byu, so i can play with this little bundle of joy:
granted, he's slightly(!) smaller than the kiddos i was playing with in the nursery (by about two years!), but i have a feeling i'll have a stellar time playing with my new little nephew, dustin drew (:

and thirdly, to top off my wonderful sunday, i was able to enjoy the last fifteen minutes or so of my mother's wonderful relief society lesson. she is seriously one of the most incredible blessings i have in my life.. i love her so ridiculously much and she is always so well prepared for everything (minus the fact that we were both rushing a bit to get to church today because we woke up late.. but that's another story! and we still got in on time (: ), especially her lessons. she teaches with such poise and you can tell the spirit is just radiating throughout her as she speaks. plus, us relief society ladies all love her even more because she never forgets to bring some yummy cookies to help us plow through that final hour of church on empty stomachs. she always puts others first, and that was made even more clear to me later on in the day when we got some time to sit down and discuss a few things that had been on our minds. i honestly don't know what i'd do without her. i love my mama (:

so all in all, minus wasting much of my afternoon with a three-hour nap, today was a pretty grand day. and next sunday we'll be back in UTAH! with ruth and anna and the kevs (and drew and dustin, too, of course!). i just cannot waaaaaait!


  1. yay coming back to utah!!

    fyi, "playing" with dustin typically involves sitting and hoping that he doesn't poop or spit up on you ( :

    just kidding! he's way more fun than that. p.s. sunday naps are the bestttt. get here soon!

  2. Seeing little siblings grow up is WEIRD!! Anyway you're awesome! Can't wait for you to get here!!

  3. First of all, I CANNOT believe that Daniel is 12 already! Where is time going?! Second, I have had the pleasure of sitting in on MANY of your mom's wonderful lessons both in Young Womens and Relief Society and I must say that she is one of my favorite teachers EVER. When I listen to her lessons I can feel all of the time that she put into them and it makes me want to listen just that much more. She is an AMAZING teacher! Third, I LOVED my sophmore year of college even more than my freshman year, and I hope that is the same for you. Have fun out there!! I love your optimism...it is contagious!!


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