s p a c e d o u t

clearly with my last post practically a month ago, i've been a bit out of the loop on here lately. so here's what i've been up to [in no particular order..]:

running some [of my first!] real races,

catching some fireworks with some new friends,

spending a heck of a lot of [crazy awesome fun] time with THIS guy,

seeing 'my man godfrey' [hilARIous] with my papa at the gorgeous ohio theatre,

catching the end of a heart-warming trilogy on opening night,

and then seeing it again the very next night in way-too-expensive 3D,

screaming through the vampire/werewolf-induced midnight premiere of eclipse,

laughing at the jokes more than singing along at the michael buble concert,

spending a week + a half partying once this girl [finally!!] showed up,

just going to game stop everyday.. no big deal. PLEEEEASE MOM?!

just visiting the polar bears and more polar bears.. sleeping. at the best zoo ever. [columbus'!]

seeing some cousins and watching the first of two baby blessings for the summer,

playing some mini golf sometimes and just losing sometimes,

oh yeah! and watching a TON of this:

that prettyyyyy much wraps up my past month or so. 
one month til i'm back out in utah! eeeee (:

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  1. love your pic from your race! you look adorable! Also. I totally stole that pic of you and anna and the cousins, it is just too lovely!


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