does this picture mean anything to you?:
because it means [                 THIS                   ] much to me. AND MORE.

i have a zillion [eight or so] mosquito bites on my legs right now. and i feel EVERY summer i get a handful of bites and then tear up my legs scratching them and then.. jdsfkalfjsdklf. it's just not a pretty picture.

so today in the shower [bear with me..] as my bites are burning like crazzzzzzzy just simply from existing.. i had a flashback to when i was younger, maybe five or six, and my older sister, ruth, and i BOTH had the chicken pox at the same time. and our whole bodies were covered in red, itchy marks. so what did my parents do? they immediately went out and bought some of ^^that^^ stuff and drew up a bath for us and we just stewed in the bathtub for awhile in the [not sweet-smelling exactly, but some kinda comfortable-smelling] oatmeal.

and now, back to present day, when i tell my parents [or anyone else, for that matter] that i have a zillion [eight] mosquito bites and they itch like crazy, they tell me to put some of that 'anti-itch-mosquito-bite-reliever-that-really-just-makes-your-legs-burn-and-just-feel-sticky-for-awhile-and-because-of-that-they-just-stay-a-constant-reminder-that-you-DO-have-ridiculously-seemingly-uncurably-itchy-mosquito-bites' junk.. and i think it's pretty self-explanatory how i feel about that stuff..

so yeah. i don't like mosquitoes. i certainly don't like mosquito bites. and my legs itch like crazy. so guess what i'm doing tomorrow after work? finding me some 'soothing oatmeal bath [ah, i feel better just saying that out loud]' and taking a nice, long, incredibly-soothing-and-mosquito-bite-relieving oatmeal bath.

or maybe five or six.


  1. just remember how you guys got to miss school from chicken pox but i had it over spring break so i missed zero days? lame.

  2. gross. you are supposed to eat oatmeal. or like anna said, chicken pox remedy. maybe you should stop eating so much sugar? I hear mosquitos like sweet blood :) kinda like vampires....

  3. i was too young to remember that.. but that's totally lame!

    and i don't eat halfff as much sugar as i used to! thanksss that's daniel's job.

    but <3 vampires.


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