it's the little (big) things.

this is my perfectionarily preggers older sister, ruth, at forty weeks, aka just YESTERDAY. and right this moment, she's giving birth to that beaaaaaaaautiful baby boy inside her (:

but as a side note.. today at work, i walked up to one of my first tables to ask for their drink order (typical) and after they had recited to me their response, the man (he was there with his wife) took me by the arm and said, "my wife and i say grace before every meal. is there anyone you know/anything you can think of that's going on in your life right now that you'd allow us to pray for as well?"

holy wow. i was so touched. i immediately told them about my sister and her due date being today (this was before she even went to the hospital) etc. etc. etc. i told them how it was definitely a big, baby boy, and she is naturally so so tiny (it's true, ruth! and that's a good thing (: ) and since the pregnancy's been great so far, we're just hoping she'll come through with her delivery just as easily. and just like that, they told me they'd pray for her and me and.. the rest of my interactions with that table were completely nonchalant after that.

i just find it truly incredible how God puts certain people into our lives and blesses us in certain ways that He knows we need help in. He knew i had been feeling anxious (just like the rest of my family has been in the past few weeks nearing ruth's due date) and today he put two kind strangers at my table who would bless her and me, without any asking or questioning on my part at all! and i felt completely at peace concerning ruth's pregnancy after that simple conversation. it's little things like that that reassure me that God loves us and is constantly watching out for all of us.

any moment now, baby D will be born. my parents will be grandparents, anna and i will be aunts, little daniel will be an uncle, drew will be a daddy, and ruth will be a MOM. all in a matter of minutes. this little (big) thing is going to finally be a real, live, born, beautiful baby boy.

it really is all about the little (big!) things. (:


  1. i love this post. baby d definately pulled through because of all the amazing people praying for him :)


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