a little trip down memory lane.

ever since i was little, i've always been the one to save EVERYTHING (pack rat times infinity) and i've (finally!) reached the point where i'm proud to say that i'm happy i did so (:

in our crawlspace in the basement, everyone has a storage box with their name on it, to put whatever they want to in it. a couple weeks ago, i decided to look through my box and amidst the stuffed animals, clothes, american girl doll, awards, and heaps of other things, i found about seven 'boxes' (ranging from christmas cookie tins to shoe boxes) filled to the brim with old pictures and letters inside. so this past weekend, i took it upon myself to look through each one.. and oh, boy, has it been a trip (:

as for the pictures, i'm going to try to get a few and put them on a disc (they're all hard copies, obviously) so that i can upload a few each week or something and reminisce, but that'll be later (:

as for right now and this past weekend.. i have learned seven main things from looking through these old pictures, letters, and even watching home movies (!) with daniel and dad earlier tonight.

1. 90's styles are way cooler than any other style, ever. if i could go back to wearing outfits that matched (i.e. green top with a white flower on it + white pants with a green flower of the same design on it), big scrunchies in my hair or velco light-up tennis shoes.. i'd pretty much be content fashion-wise for the rest of my life.

2. daniel did in fact, used to like bananas. and most other fruits. he can deny it as long as he wants, but on christmas day, 1998, we got a video of him eating an entire jar of mushed up bananas for the very first time.. and he ate it ALL. and loved it. that's proof, danoo! (;

3. life was so much easier before boys had cooties.. and when mom had me hold hands with every single boy i took a picture with in elementary school. and they were totally okay with that. because in elementary school you 'liked' the same person from pre-k til fifth grade and that just meant you thought they were cute or something and not that you'd go kissing them (or doing anything else like crazy elementary school kids are apparently doing 'these days'..) yikes.

4. a picture says a thousand words. like how i was SO MUCH CUTER WHEN I WAS YOUNGER. seriously. i had such a cute little face and gorgeous long long longggggg straight brown hair (grow faster!)..  then my awkward phase hit and i cut all my hair off in fourth grade and.. basically all these photos do a stellar job at documenting every stage in my life (from mega cute to mega awkward).. not to mention every point in  between.

5. friendships really can last forever. words can't even describe how many pictures of/letters exchanged between myself and so many of my other friends over the years, especially with sara whitacre. this girl and i met in first grade and BAM. it's been what, almost thirteen YEARS since then, and we're still super tight. we don't see each other as much, but we know we're still best friends. and it's so neat to see pictures of us with our arms around each other in mrs. reynolds' first grade class when i was 'student of the week,' letters she'd write me and fold up with 'sarah beth' written on them, and even a picture of us together on graduation day. time seriously flies.. but friendships really can last - we're living proof of that. love you bestie (: 

6. yearbook pictures aren't half as fun to look at as are the notes written on the back. while some of my fellow classmates had some pretty hilarious yearbook pictures.. i won't ever laugh as much at them as i will cherish the things they wrote on the back.. considering i always refused to accept yearbook pictures from anyone unless it had something written on the back - and more than just their name or "to: sarah kron." i'm glad (!) that i decided to be stubborn about that. it makes for good memories all these years later (:

7. sisters give the best advice. spiritually: one letter i found was from ruth during my freshman year of high school when i was really struggling. her words of advice apply just as well then as they do now, five years later: "keep choosing the right and i can testify that when you put the Lord first in everything- everything falls into place so much easier than if you try to do it all yourself." wonderful advice (: and also a note of simple reassurance from anna banana: "you're just so growing up sometimes and it's crazy and weird but you're going to do totally fine." simple. to the point. and unbelievably reassuring (: thanks zoombini faces.

just love memories. (:


it's the little (big) things.

this is my perfectionarily preggers older sister, ruth, at forty weeks, aka just YESTERDAY. and right this moment, she's giving birth to that beaaaaaaaautiful baby boy inside her (:

but as a side note.. today at work, i walked up to one of my first tables to ask for their drink order (typical) and after they had recited to me their response, the man (he was there with his wife) took me by the arm and said, "my wife and i say grace before every meal. is there anyone you know/anything you can think of that's going on in your life right now that you'd allow us to pray for as well?"

holy wow. i was so touched. i immediately told them about my sister and her due date being today (this was before she even went to the hospital) etc. etc. etc. i told them how it was definitely a big, baby boy, and she is naturally so so tiny (it's true, ruth! and that's a good thing (: ) and since the pregnancy's been great so far, we're just hoping she'll come through with her delivery just as easily. and just like that, they told me they'd pray for her and me and.. the rest of my interactions with that table were completely nonchalant after that.

i just find it truly incredible how God puts certain people into our lives and blesses us in certain ways that He knows we need help in. He knew i had been feeling anxious (just like the rest of my family has been in the past few weeks nearing ruth's due date) and today he put two kind strangers at my table who would bless her and me, without any asking or questioning on my part at all! and i felt completely at peace concerning ruth's pregnancy after that simple conversation. it's little things like that that reassure me that God loves us and is constantly watching out for all of us.

any moment now, baby D will be born. my parents will be grandparents, anna and i will be aunts, little daniel will be an uncle, drew will be a daddy, and ruth will be a MOM. all in a matter of minutes. this little (big) thing is going to finally be a real, live, born, beautiful baby boy.

it really is all about the little (big!) things. (:



does this picture mean anything to you?:
because it means [                 THIS                   ] much to me. AND MORE.

i have a zillion [eight or so] mosquito bites on my legs right now. and i feel EVERY summer i get a handful of bites and then tear up my legs scratching them and then.. jdsfkalfjsdklf. it's just not a pretty picture.

so today in the shower [bear with me..] as my bites are burning like crazzzzzzzy just simply from existing.. i had a flashback to when i was younger, maybe five or six, and my older sister, ruth, and i BOTH had the chicken pox at the same time. and our whole bodies were covered in red, itchy marks. so what did my parents do? they immediately went out and bought some of ^^that^^ stuff and drew up a bath for us and we just stewed in the bathtub for awhile in the [not sweet-smelling exactly, but some kinda comfortable-smelling] oatmeal.

and now, back to present day, when i tell my parents [or anyone else, for that matter] that i have a zillion [eight] mosquito bites and they itch like crazy, they tell me to put some of that 'anti-itch-mosquito-bite-reliever-that-really-just-makes-your-legs-burn-and-just-feel-sticky-for-awhile-and-because-of-that-they-just-stay-a-constant-reminder-that-you-DO-have-ridiculously-seemingly-uncurably-itchy-mosquito-bites' junk.. and i think it's pretty self-explanatory how i feel about that stuff..

so yeah. i don't like mosquitoes. i certainly don't like mosquito bites. and my legs itch like crazy. so guess what i'm doing tomorrow after work? finding me some 'soothing oatmeal bath [ah, i feel better just saying that out loud]' and taking a nice, long, incredibly-soothing-and-mosquito-bite-relieving oatmeal bath.

or maybe five or six.


s p a c e d o u t

clearly with my last post practically a month ago, i've been a bit out of the loop on here lately. so here's what i've been up to [in no particular order..]:

running some [of my first!] real races,

catching some fireworks with some new friends,

spending a heck of a lot of [crazy awesome fun] time with THIS guy,

seeing 'my man godfrey' [hilARIous] with my papa at the gorgeous ohio theatre,

catching the end of a heart-warming trilogy on opening night,

and then seeing it again the very next night in way-too-expensive 3D,

screaming through the vampire/werewolf-induced midnight premiere of eclipse,

laughing at the jokes more than singing along at the michael buble concert,

spending a week + a half partying once this girl [finally!!] showed up,

just going to game stop everyday.. no big deal. PLEEEEASE MOM?!

just visiting the polar bears and more polar bears.. sleeping. at the best zoo ever. [columbus'!]

seeing some cousins and watching the first of two baby blessings for the summer,

playing some mini golf sometimes and just losing sometimes,

oh yeah! and watching a TON of this:

that prettyyyyy much wraps up my past month or so. 
one month til i'm back out in utah! eeeee (:
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