supersize me..


today i went to mcd's with daniel because out of EVERY SINGLE PLACE we could go to for dinner.. he wanted mcdonalds. of course. typical 11-year-old boy.

he got a happy mighty kids meal and i got chicken nuggets and a m&m mcflurry.

after we pulled away from the drive-thru, i realized that i used to always make sure (when i went 438209483209x my junior + senior years after i got my license) i asked for extra m&ms because they never put enough in for my liking.

but i totally forgot.

but instead of being upset about not having enough chocolate mixed in with my ice cream.. i was happy. because it's just been that long since i've eaten mcdonald's (or any other fast food, really) out of my own choice, since i started falling in love with healthy food. and i drove away smiling.

moral of the story;
being healthy + forgetting what my 'usual' is at mcd's = overall very happy.

sometimes, it's nice to find out that you've forgotten something (:

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