my little brother

is a computer genius man.

no, but seriously, he's going to be a wicked cool computer graphics major someday or something for pixar or some other big-league kinda company.. this [below] is the kinda thing he just does for "fun" or whenever he gets free time.. and he does a TON of these every DAY:

*note; you have to click the "play" arrow at the bottom left-hand corner of the box for it to play (:

**and double note; he made ALL of this from scratch. it's a scene-by-scene kinda deal. like a flip-book. he drew all of the bits and pieces of the characters from scratch. just so you know. he IS really that awesome. it's true.

it kinda just blows my mind how stellar he is.. without anyone [or anything/place/idea/etc.] pushing him or even slightly encouraging him to do so.

oh, and he also had a 6th grade band concert tonight.. playing trumpet. and LOVING it. seriously. when asking him if he was thinking of switching to another instrument for seventh grade [as i did], he retorted with the following: and i quote, "no way! i'm going to play it [the trumpet] until the end of the worlllllllllllllllllllld!"

i love him oh so much (: my little creative super computer genius brother man boy sir. forever and ever.

so check him out:
click here!

who knows what this little genius will think up next..


  1. dude. he is awesome. glad m&d went for #4!

  2. i'm so glad I introduced him to DOINK. That kid really took it and ran with it!

  3. slaifjslijfjsld I LOVE YOUR FAMILY!!
    come be best friends with my family. now.
    daniel would get a long so well with my brothers!!
    we're a match made in heaven:)

  4. PS ever since you told me about it, I've been listening to Lady Gaga Radio on Pandora. Love it.

  5. #4?

    ahhhh love pandora! can't believe i ran out of hours today ): lame lame lame.

  6. well...he's the 4th kid. just try to imagine life without baby #4. sad day.

  7. skroner, I didn't exactly make it from scratch. I used someone's evil strawberry.


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