i want..

a kitten of my own. i've thought about it for awhile and i know that once i live in pet(kitty)-friendly housing/am staying somewhere that i will be year-round (maybe on that part..), i will get a kitten of my own to play with and have grow up with me (:

plus, with how active i am with my camera.. i'd be able to capture every little memory. maybe even some like this:


  1. just make sure he doesn't just meow all the time and get a urinary tract infection like dusty did ) :

  2. hahah anna showed this to me last night and it totally made my day!

    Dusty is our neighbor's cat who died last week :( sad. :/

  3. oh no! poor dusty ): no need to worry though, i'm sure he'll end up being more like the kevs. super fun and cute. runs in the family, right? (;

    ps just love drunk kitties (:


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