my little brother

is a computer genius man.

no, but seriously, he's going to be a wicked cool computer graphics major someday or something for pixar or some other big-league kinda company.. this [below] is the kinda thing he just does for "fun" or whenever he gets free time.. and he does a TON of these every DAY:

*note; you have to click the "play" arrow at the bottom left-hand corner of the box for it to play (:

**and double note; he made ALL of this from scratch. it's a scene-by-scene kinda deal. like a flip-book. he drew all of the bits and pieces of the characters from scratch. just so you know. he IS really that awesome. it's true.

it kinda just blows my mind how stellar he is.. without anyone [or anything/place/idea/etc.] pushing him or even slightly encouraging him to do so.

oh, and he also had a 6th grade band concert tonight.. playing trumpet. and LOVING it. seriously. when asking him if he was thinking of switching to another instrument for seventh grade [as i did], he retorted with the following: and i quote, "no way! i'm going to play it [the trumpet] until the end of the worlllllllllllllllllllld!"

i love him oh so much (: my little creative super computer genius brother man boy sir. forever and ever.

so check him out:
click here!

who knows what this little genius will think up next..


two of my greatest loves,

the church + the spanish language =
this incredibly touching segment.

i suggest you watch it. it'll totally brighten your day (:



i am on the top of the world right now.
i am genuinely happy and so immensely genuinely happy right now.
more than i can describe in words.

hence the fdjskalfjdsaklfjsal;

i may or may not go into detail + post about this later.
regardless, i just needed a momento to remind myself of this incredible feeling. this completeness and wholeness and loveness (?) and perfectionaryness and just

oh, what a night.
(: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (:


i want..

a kitten of my own. i've thought about it for awhile and i know that once i live in pet(kitty)-friendly housing/am staying somewhere that i will be year-round (maybe on that part..), i will get a kitten of my own to play with and have grow up with me (:

plus, with how active i am with my camera.. i'd be able to capture every little memory. maybe even some like this:


mama's day

i have the BEST mama there is.

-she's beautiful: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and every other possible way.

-she's always willing to drop whatever it is that she's doing to talk to me.. about anything.

-she's not only a mother to her own children, but is an incredible mother-figure to so many of my friends and (no doubt) to my siblings' friends as well.

-she has an incredible fashion sense and always dresses so stylishly. and gives me good tips too (:

-she's dedicated to anything and everything she does.. if she says she'll do something, she does it.

-she doesn't judge me or anyone else - she's always been one to accept my flaws and simply try to help me "see the light" at certain points in my life.. and the fact alone that she always chose to help me out rather than get angry with me or push me to the side and give up on me.. really means a ton. and she knows that!

-she's the most marvelous example to me (and everyone around her) of not only a woman, but a woman of God and also a mother. i know that (one day!) when i get married and decide to have kids of my own, i'll find myself being a great mother because of all the great qualities my own mother had (:

-she's one of the most genuine, kind-hearted people that i have had the pleasure of meeting. she's constantly doing nice things for people, like how she noticed someone in the front row of our church meeting was fanning herself with a piece of paper each week.. and she just went out and bought a pretty hand-held fan for her to use and gave it to her the next sunday! or how she bought and decorated a little tissue box and brought in to relief society for all the tears that are shed each week there (especially this past week, since it was jolene downs' last sunday) and it was even announced what a blessing it was to have that there - when she wasn't even in the room at the time. she's so humble. and she knows better than most people that it's little things like that that really do make a difference (:

-she's so creative! she's always buying little bits of pieces of jewelery (like how last week she bought just a really-long necklace) and instead of buying the matching earrings and bracelet, she found a way to shorten the necklace and make her own earrings and bracelet from the extra material. i don't know how she does it- but it looks like real professional stuff!

-she's also very creative when it comes to interior designing. she's designed a number of things in our house so that it always feels like home.. but just recently she redesigned the entire look of the master bathroom in our house.. and it looks STELLAR. i can't even begin to describe what an upgrade it is from what the bathroom used to look like.. even though it didn't ever really look terrible or anything.. but now it looks like a fancy 5-star hotel bathroom! take a look at the drastic change for yourself:

pre-tear down:

in-process of makeover:


window curtain she creatively made out of a shower curtain!:

-she even designed all of these shelves! my dad put in the shelves and she picked out and created the things to put on them.. completely on her own. how amazing is that?! and it looks just BEAUTIFUL! (:

i could go on and on and on for years.. but i know that would take much too long and the simple fact is, i wouldn't be happy with any other mother. simply because let's face it.. mine's the best (: i love her sososo much and (for obvious reasons) i wouldn't be here without her! i am grateful daily for the blessing i have of having her as a mom and also for the opportunity i have to be her daughter.

p.s. i told you she was beautiful (:

happy mother's day mama, i love you!


if i wasn't already going to byu..

i'd be going to THE ohio state university.
for this reason alone:

glee + ohio (state) = (:
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