run it, baby.

i have officially decided that within a year from now, i want to run in a marathon (or at least be signed up to run one by the end of next summer).

i genuinely love running. i have been progressively training to run my first (!) 5k in ohio in a few weeks, but after that, i'm hoping to (following in ruth's footsteps!) run one 5k every month until my marathon next year (so twelve, give or take). i also want to make sure i run at least two 10k's before then and one half marathon/20k race.

i know it might seem like a lot and my legs are already tingling at the idea of so much running in what could be taken as so little time (conquering 26 miles within a year!), but i'm up for the challenge (:

i always kind of used to enjoy running, mostly just to work out and such. but since i've been out here in utah, i've tried out all sorts of different types of running (treadmill, indoor track, outdoor track, terrain running, progressive running, jogging, sprints, etc.) and i love them allllllllllll. when i've been stressed out or have a headache or don't feel well or even times when i just feel great (!) and want to use my energy positively.. i go for a run. and whatever worries or troubles (or miraculously, headaches) i have just go away. at least while i'm running. so why wouldn't i challenge myself to do something greater what something i love so much?!

in short: marathon. next summer. and plennnnnty of races before then. you just wait. (:


  1. I admire your determination:)

  2. go for it.

    p.s. don't forget who beat ruth at the powell 5k ( :

  3. Can't wait skroner(!)

  4. you can train w/ me!
    i love running i can give you a bunch of running tips!

  5. Yo.. run with me this summer :) I've run a couple of 5Ks since I've been at college and they really are a lot of fun..

  6. you guys are theeeee best support group everr (:


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