i've had the time of my life.

ohhh myyyy goodness. where to even begin?!

the past two terms have been PHENOMENAL. words honestly cannot describe how much i love my ward (52nd!) and all the amazing, super stellar (+ mega cute) people i've met and friends i've made. now, i don't want to go on and on and on about how much i'll miss them all (!) after i leave here and go back home.. at least not yet. cause this just ain't over quite yet. (:

i've just had one of theee best/funnest/wicked craziest weekends i've had out here to date.. this past weekend. and i don't even know how to describe it, exactly. i actually tried explaining it to a few of my other friends who weren't a part of it.. but it simply just didn't do it justice.

from friday to sunday i did a number of things.. from hanging out with old friends and (still!) making new ones; sitting in the marriott center with 1,000+ of my closest friends watching the stellar "encore!" ballroom dance show to sitting in the tahitian noni watching my friends "the fellows" play in their first concert; swinging over a cliff and feeling like flying to sitting on a trampoline stargazing and making up our own constellations; rushing off to get jamba to enjoying the year's first barbecue; jamming out in the hfac + learning to play the harmonica (!) to sitting and laughing through a (hilarious!) jackie chan kid's movie; driving up to pleasant grove to make pizza and cookies with my sisters and brother-in-law (+ the kevs!) to making it back in time for one of our last ward prayers.

THIS WEEKEND WAS JUST.. perfect. i don't want to leave here. at least not yet. i'm not ready to say goodbye; i'm not ready to go home. not yet, anyway.

i'll just let the pictures do the talking. the following is my weekend in review (:

BYU 52nd Ward!
forever theeee best. (:

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