i made up my mind when i was a young girl;

i've been given this one world, i won't worry it away.
but now and again i lose sight of the good life;
i get stuck in a low light.
but then love comes in..

i've finally hit my breaking point.

and this post is probably more for me than anyone else who might be confused reading this..
but tonight is the start of something huge. something amazing.
and i'm excited.
i've wasted too much time doing things that don't matter, interacting with people who'll inevitably only bring me down, + beating around the bush, avoiding the people/things in my life who are truly theee most important, hands down.

i'm not going to vent.
i'm not going to scream or cry or take my anger out on anyone else.

i've just.. finally reached this point. and after the initial shock.. i've realized that my life and my mistakes and my choices are just that. MY own consequences resulting from MY own actions resulting from MY own personally-made decisions.

i'm better than this. i deserve better than this. i can be whoever i want to be and do whatever i want to do and go wherever i want to go.. it's all up to ME. period.

so here i go.
watch out.
you've been warned[!].

the sky's the limit (:


  1. please don't go back to ohio yet ) :

  2. ): just don't make me so sad yet!
    we still have super slumber party with danoo tomorrow night (:


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