algunas reflexiones.

se amo a mi familia.

uds. estan perfectos y es una gran bendecion que tenemos la oportunidad para vivirnos despues de este vida.
cuando tenia una dia mal, solo necesito pensar en esto.

que bonita¿no? (:


completely GLEEful.

i got home saturday.
and the past few days have been a rush of running around and surprising people (!) since i really wasn't 'supposed' to be back until mid-june..

but i have to say, i've never been more happy to say hello to all these wonderful people + friends that i've been missing the past few months. and i'm more than ecstatic to be spending the next four months with them.

so let me just start by saying.. i love [all of!] you (:


i made up my mind when i was a young girl;

i've been given this one world, i won't worry it away.
but now and again i lose sight of the good life;
i get stuck in a low light.
but then love comes in..

i've finally hit my breaking point.

and this post is probably more for me than anyone else who might be confused reading this..
but tonight is the start of something huge. something amazing.
and i'm excited.
i've wasted too much time doing things that don't matter, interacting with people who'll inevitably only bring me down, + beating around the bush, avoiding the people/things in my life who are truly theee most important, hands down.

i'm not going to vent.
i'm not going to scream or cry or take my anger out on anyone else.

i've just.. finally reached this point. and after the initial shock.. i've realized that my life and my mistakes and my choices are just that. MY own consequences resulting from MY own actions resulting from MY own personally-made decisions.

i'm better than this. i deserve better than this. i can be whoever i want to be and do whatever i want to do and go wherever i want to go.. it's all up to ME. period.

so here i go.
watch out.
you've been warned[!].

the sky's the limit (:


the stars lean down to kiss you..

as i lie awake and miss you,
pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere.. <3

ahhh! the beautiful lyrics of adam young, lead singer of the perfection that is OWL CITY.

micae + i went to their concert with a few friends (corbin, ty + two others!) three days ago (monday night) and it was absolutely stellarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ahh! paper route opened (which we missed entirely since we got there so late.. oh well!), then LIGHTS played (incredibleee.. look her up on youtube or something, she's quite fantastic!) and then.. OWL CITYYYYYYYYYYY ahhhhhh!

it was micae's first concert (i know, freshman in college and it was her FIRST? insaane. nonetheless..) and by the end of LIGHTS playing, we were still in the very back of the room (it was general admission, standing room only). i looked at her as LIGHTS left the stage and told her that by the end of owl city playing.. we'd be at the VERY front, if it was the last thing i did. and lo and behold..

we ended up in the VERY front.. up against the RAILING (what my other hand is holding onto) which was the ONLY thing separating us from running up on stage to adam young.. ahhhh! did i mention we were not only FRONT, but CENTER as well? look at thesee:

and my personal favorite..

ahhhhhhhh. i can't get over how AMAZING it was!! we were RIGHT in front of him from the MOMENT he took the stage until the VERY end.. part of it could've been accredited to the fact that i had a bit of a coughing attack out of NOWHERE before they took the stage.. so this big african american lady looked at me and was like "girl do you need some space?! girl i'll get these people to give you some space.. HEY EVERYONE. GIVE THE GIRL SOME SPACE!" ..as she proceeded to spread her arms out and i swear.. it was like the red sea was being parted. 

shortly after (now being able to breathe, since micae + i had been getting pushed to-and-fro on our entire way up to the front), not only was micae not feeling claustrophobic anymore, but we were RIGHT THERE UP FRONT. ahhhh. i can't get over how incredible it was. i didn't even have to strain to get any pictures because he was RIGHT THERE! i got videos of almost EVERY song he sang (thanks again to mom+dad for the camera you got me for my birthday.. the battery life is insaaane!) and two hours + gallons of sweat later.. we were on our way back home and just relishing in the fact that he was RIGHT in FRONT of us.. so close.. and we almost touched hands (!) a number of times when he'd try to reach out to the crowd.. this is probably one of the only moments of my life that i legitimately wished i was a few inches (or feet!) taller, so that could've happened!

regardless.. it was an AMAZING concert. nothing else i've ever been to/no other band i've ever seen has ever been able to compare. owl city is amazing because of adam young.. he is just so quirky and cute and has impeccable style. if you don't believe me.. just check out some of the videos i posted on my facebook (: or just look below at my favorite (+ the song that the lyrics in the beginning of this post come from) - vanilla twilight! (:


i've had the time of my life.

ohhh myyyy goodness. where to even begin?!

the past two terms have been PHENOMENAL. words honestly cannot describe how much i love my ward (52nd!) and all the amazing, super stellar (+ mega cute) people i've met and friends i've made. now, i don't want to go on and on and on about how much i'll miss them all (!) after i leave here and go back home.. at least not yet. cause this just ain't over quite yet. (:

i've just had one of theee best/funnest/wicked craziest weekends i've had out here to date.. this past weekend. and i don't even know how to describe it, exactly. i actually tried explaining it to a few of my other friends who weren't a part of it.. but it simply just didn't do it justice.

from friday to sunday i did a number of things.. from hanging out with old friends and (still!) making new ones; sitting in the marriott center with 1,000+ of my closest friends watching the stellar "encore!" ballroom dance show to sitting in the tahitian noni watching my friends "the fellows" play in their first concert; swinging over a cliff and feeling like flying to sitting on a trampoline stargazing and making up our own constellations; rushing off to get jamba to enjoying the year's first barbecue; jamming out in the hfac + learning to play the harmonica (!) to sitting and laughing through a (hilarious!) jackie chan kid's movie; driving up to pleasant grove to make pizza and cookies with my sisters and brother-in-law (+ the kevs!) to making it back in time for one of our last ward prayers.

THIS WEEKEND WAS JUST.. perfect. i don't want to leave here. at least not yet. i'm not ready to say goodbye; i'm not ready to go home. not yet, anyway.

i'll just let the pictures do the talking. the following is my weekend in review (:

BYU 52nd Ward!
forever theeee best. (:


run it, baby.

i have officially decided that within a year from now, i want to run in a marathon (or at least be signed up to run one by the end of next summer).

i genuinely love running. i have been progressively training to run my first (!) 5k in ohio in a few weeks, but after that, i'm hoping to (following in ruth's footsteps!) run one 5k every month until my marathon next year (so twelve, give or take). i also want to make sure i run at least two 10k's before then and one half marathon/20k race.

i know it might seem like a lot and my legs are already tingling at the idea of so much running in what could be taken as so little time (conquering 26 miles within a year!), but i'm up for the challenge (:

i always kind of used to enjoy running, mostly just to work out and such. but since i've been out here in utah, i've tried out all sorts of different types of running (treadmill, indoor track, outdoor track, terrain running, progressive running, jogging, sprints, etc.) and i love them allllllllllll. when i've been stressed out or have a headache or don't feel well or even times when i just feel great (!) and want to use my energy positively.. i go for a run. and whatever worries or troubles (or miraculously, headaches) i have just go away. at least while i'm running. so why wouldn't i challenge myself to do something greater what something i love so much?!

in short: marathon. next summer. and plennnnnty of races before then. you just wait. (:

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