never have i ever..

met someone who has never ever tried chocolate milk before in their life.

until TODAY.

i walked into my 4pm spanish class, same as i do every other monday-friday. i was early (that's a shocker) and there was a casual conversation.. (randomly) going on about chocolate milk. when the girl who usually sits behind me (her name's sarah as well!) confesses to never having tried chocolate milk. when we all looked at her in complete shock + awe asking why in the world she hasn't, she simply responded "i don't hate it or anything.. i've just never really felt like trying it."

holy wow. no doubt my excessive shock was due in part to the fact that i grew up in a household where chocolate was it's own food group.. but still. really? 19+ years of your life and you've never even had the inkling to try chocolate milk? it's not like it's terrible for you like alcohol or drugs.. and it's just as common in your everyday american grocery store aisle as a dozen eggs or a loaf of white bread.

anyways, i ran out of the room to the nearest vending machine, swiped my card, and spent a buck + a quarter, rushing right back into the room with a jug of byu creamery chocolate milk in hand.

unless you happen to be the like, one other person in the world who's never tried chocolate milk, i'm sure you can guess what happened next. she LOVED it. duh. and half the jug was consumed by the end of class. she was clearly pacing herself and enjoying every sip (:

so.. if you haven't tried chocolate milk.. come see me. asap. i'll run away + return quickly with a chocolate milk in one hand and slap you in the face with the other.. kidding! but i can guarantee i'll probably stare right at you as you take your first heavenly sip of the thick, cold + smooth deliciousness that is chocolate milk. you can even ask sarah, the whole class was watching (:

moral of the story: chocolate milk makes your stomach smile.
get some! (:


  1. haha for real. chocolate, bread and cereal...those were our food groups.

  2. OH and flinstone vitamins. those are a food group too.


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