guess what?


guess what else..?


and if you can't tell, i'm not all too pleased.

for whatever reason, byu has decided to win my love by finaaaaaaaaally having a home byu baseball game.. yet, somehow they managed to make me also incredibly infuriated with them simultaneously, because there is no way i can attend today's game. and here's why:

1. the opener starts at 3pm today. fact.
2. baseball games usually can go circa 2-3 hoursish long. making the end of the game somewhere around 6pm at latest. fact.
3. only on thursdays i have class from exactly 3pm-6pm. fact.
4. today is a thursday. FACT.

now i know what you're thinking. if i'm such a manic byu baseball fan, why don't i just skip class? good question. the answer: was already planning on it (sorry mama + daddy!). buuttttttttttttttt, byu just doesn't want me going to this game. for whatever reason. meaning reasons. hm, i can think of at least three that come to mind..:

3a. i have book of mormon from 3-3:50pm, and it's mostly attendance based (we don't have quizzes or papers or anything for that class minus a one-page article summary we did in like the third week of the term) and i missed class on tuesday to go find out the gender of ruth's baby BOOOOOY. (: i don't regret that one little bit. but that means i NEED to go to that class today.

3b. i have spanish from 4-4:50pm, and i have an in-class quiz in that class. pretty self-explanatory.. i kinda can't miss that.

3c. i have my physical science lab JUST on thursdays, from 5:-5:50pm. i know i can go to another lab, since all we do is work on the homework all together, right? wrooooong. in the one extra time slot i could find that really fit with my schedule, i run up to campus after gymnastics class this morning (i had to walk up 112 stairs in total.. i counted) and am still almost 5 minutes late to the 11am lab. needless to say, the ta was speaking gibberish and then told us to 'get to work' on our worksheets in groups.. i knew no one there, i had no idea what the worksheet even said, and i presumed to walk right out of the classroom less than ten minutes later. i know this probably makes me sound dumb or something.. but i guess i'm just used to the way my ta works.. where we have our little five-person class (yes, that's including our lovely ta, adam) and we go through the worksheet together each week, step-by-step. needless to say, i have to go to that lab today.

in retrospect, i realize that i've wanted nothing more this past week than to simply go to each of the games this weekend. everyone around here knows how crazy stoked i've been getting. but i guess i'll just have to pray that my cougars do well today without me there.. and i'll look forward to enjoying my ballpark hotdog at the second opener game, tomorrow at 3pm, when i don't have anything else standing in my way.

second is supposedly the best anyway, right? (:


  1. haha i love that you didnt realize all this until today....poor surah. you can always go with us on saturday!

  2. 1. saturdayyyy.

    2. second is the best ( :

    3. gymnastics tomorrow?


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