dear español, te quiero tanto.

lately, my life's been spanish-filled to the maximum.
..or at least as much as you can get when 99% of the people you interact with on a daily basis speak english with minimal (if any) spanish.. and they prefer to keep it that way.

AS A PREFACE (hi sarawhitacre hahaha) yesterday i was talking to my mom on the phone on my way to spanish class and when she asked if i was there yet (somehow she can always tell like the moment i get to class.. it's crazy! you're a mind-reader, mama (: ), i replied yes and she told me to have fun and we'd talk later, since class was starting already. i simply said, "don't worry mama, i always have fun in this class!" and it sparked a bit of a side conversation..

she told me how much she loves how much i'm enjoying spanish and how it reminds her of when she was in high school back in chile and she always got so happy and felt so excited learning about english and at the time she didn't quite understand why.. but now she can look back and realize that it made her so happy because of where she's at right now: she married my papa and came to america + learned english.. and has been living her own personal happily ever after, ever since! how cool is that?!

her story just got me that much more excited about my love for spanish (not that that's difficult.. my love for it has been basically multiplying with each day that passes)! not because it means i'm going to marry someone who's spanish or anything like that (!) but just because whenever i think about it.. the language, the culture, practically ANYTHING spanish-related, i get hardcore butterflies. like those crazy ohmygoodnessi'minlove kinda butterflies. how insane does that sound to you, especially if you happen to be among those who took high school spanish 1-3 just to be able to graduate and now have a distaste for the language.. shame on you.. ?! i'm in love with a language. hahahahaha. i'm even smiling like an idiot right now just thinking about it and typing all this up and guess what? i don't even care (: i'm a proud (half!) chilena. and i've got my mama to thank for just that! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! (:

it's seriously insane.. like when you have a premonition (i think i'm using that right?) about something like it's what's supposed to happen/be happening, or it's something that just feels right.. like i may not know or fully understand it right now.. but there's a reason behind my passion for the language and my heritage behind it.. i know it. and i can't wait til i get to that point like my mama did.. when i find that connection and everything is going to 'click' and make sense and fall into place.. 

it's an incredible feeling. (: can you tell?!

i only wish i could share it with everyone. which i guess is why i've decided undoubtedly to become a spanish teacher (minoring in english teaching for those of you who are curious; i think i just have a thing for languages). that way i can share this amazing feeling that i have with new students every year.. and help them develop their own love for it as well (!), i want to make learning the language at least enjoyable for others.. rather than depress the students that are simply trying to learn it just to 'get the grade.' i don't care/won't judge you if you don't have a similar passion for the language.. but i want you to learn and be exposed to how beautiful it is, nonetheless (:

in the past WEEK (give or take), the following has happened:
1. i made a new friend (!) who speaks spanish.
2. i've had spanish conversations with my parents via telephone.
3. i've caught myself starting to naturally talk in spanish to people around me/when i call someone on the phone after class (and the befuddled reactions i get never cease to make my day just that much better!)
4. i've developed a love for spanish cinema.
5. i've also developed a love for spanish music.
6. looking at notes for classes, i've realized that when i'm writing fast, some of my words are in spanish and the rest are in english.. which means i'm subconsciously thinking in spanish ((((:
7. i've been going to a spanish class everyday (mon-fri) + therefore speaking spanish daily, even if it is only for an hour (:

+ just in the past DAY, this has happened:
1. i watched the 2.5 hour-long movie 'i am cuba' in spanish at international cinema.. and the only reason i was upset was because there was a russian voice-over half of the time so i couldn't hear the spanish.
2. the movie was amazing.
3. one of my good friends got his mission call to guatemala, spanish speaking!! (:
4. i went to my spanish conversation lab and passed with flying colors (!)
5. i did all of my online spanish homework in two hours straight and loved every minute. even when i got the questions wrong (:
6. i decided that i want to travel to a spanish-speaking country (preferably mexico or somewhere in south america, if possible) within the next year, either on a service mission or study abroad.. or something. anything.
7. i became addicted to the song "obsesión (no es amor)" by frankie j.. because we listened to the spanish version in class (: hahaha. click here! to listen to it.

i feel like theeeeee ultimate nerd right now.. but i'm completely lovestruck. i am so passionate about the spanish language.. the culture.. the music (!!).. everything. it makes me so unbelievably happy just thinking/talking/blogging about it.. if you couldn't tell by the mass amounts of smilies in this one post. (: haaaaaa.

es posible que esta es un obsesión.. pero no me importa. (: 
¡te quiero tanto, español!



  1. I don't know how to say "ODANG.. I just got a shoutout!" in Spanish.. I feel like you could help me out..

  2. Yo tengo much frio porque el dia no esta caliente y tu eres muy bonita :)

  3. ay, ¡acabo de recibir una nota de salida!

    ^eso es para ti, nic (:

    y estoy muy emocionado que hiciste un blog michael! eres muy guapo (;

  4. ay mija eres muy intelegente
    estoy feliz por que te fascinaba la lengua de espanol

    vas a hacer cosas muy fenomenal!

  5. Yo deseo que I escribiria mas cosas a ti en espanol pero yo recuerdo solamente un poquito.

    Bueno, estoy contento para ti!

  6. tu ERES fenomenal, christopher (:

    y muchisimas gracias eric (: jaja que es el pensamiento que cuenta (:

  7. Asi es que deseais ser profesora de espanol...hmmm y estais aprendiendo espanol con acento espanol o con acento mejicano????
    Los idiomas son tan interesantes y sobre todo que podeis aprender mucho de la cultura de los paises de habla hispana. O podeis viajar a diferentes paises y comparar como se habla el espanol y vereis las diferencias....Bueno es mi deseo que lo logreis.....

  8. ay! si queiro ser profesora de espanol y mi mama tiene acento espanol (como chile) pues creo que voy a desarollar un acento asi.
    y tambien si! quiero viajar a muchos paises hispanos en los proximos anos.. el proximo ano por el verano creo que ire a mexico para hacer trabajo voluntario (: y en 2012 - CHILE para lo mismo! estoy esperando!!!! creo que pase mucho tiempo en paises sudamerica y hispano en todo, podre hablar mas bueno en espanol, por supuesto. y mas rapido tambien!

    eres mexicano/a?


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