oh hi again.
so this one time.. i got a severe concussion.
and then two weeks later..
i may or may not have gotten another one (: bahah.

nownow, i know head injuries are no joking matter..
but all my life, i've pretty much been prone to having at least one a year. seriously! since.. freshman year in high school with the whole quarter-cookie argument with swhit at lunch when i fell backwards and messed up my neck and had to get my brand new white cheer sweatshirt cut off of me and was rushed to the emergency room and had to wear a neck brace for weeks.. yeeeeeeeeesh.

like i said, head injuries follow me around like it's their job.

so here's the latest story, reader's digest version:

two weeks ago..ish. tuesday night. mace + i are hanging out in the dorms circa one am and i lean back in my chair (our desk chairs at byu are like.. rocking chairs almost. you lean back too far..) and proceed to fall all the way backwards, hitting my head on my metal bed frame, the mini fridge underneath, and the floor, respectively. i only blacked out for like a second.. mace brought over a pillow, and i just lay down on the floor until the dizziness passed. nbd, yeah? little did i know..

less than 24 hours later, wednesday night. circa.. 9pm. after hours in the canc. i ask mike swindle for a piggy back ride to the creamery to get some ice cream (go figure!). as we walk outside.. greg walks up and gets in this whole big deal about a three-person piggyback ride and how he's done it before and how great it is.. and basically (being the little tiny girl that gets shot-putted around on a daily basis,) i am dubbed to be the top tier. so mike jumps on greg's back and i get my running start and jump up on mike's back.. and slip right off. this will never work, right? riiiiiight. or so i thought.. until i heard good ole mike swindle say those fateful words, "don't worry sarah, i'll grab you and make sure you stay on." so me, being my little trusting shot-putted self, agree. i get an extra big running start.. jump super high into the sky and onto greg's back.. halfway.

now i know what you're thinking.. how do you jump halfway onto someone's back? oh no worries. keep paying attention. i'll tell you how (:

i jumped on his back.. and mike (of course) locks a death grip around my legs to keep me on. good intentions, right? little did we know that according to physics and all that, just because half of my body's secured, doesn't mean the other half won't fall straight backwards..

so i fall back, and the momentum (+ my massive poundage, i'm sure) becomes too much for mike, and he lets go of my legs.. but by this point, i'm approximately onehundredeighty degrees vertical.. upsidedown. so i land head-first, from about a three-foot drop.. onto the concrete floor outside of the creamery.


after being a bit out of it and laying outside with an overly large bag of ice on my head, compliments of the creamery, my dizzy + half-conscious state caused me to simply want to go back to my dorm and lay down and go to bed.. so of course, greg and mike (what smart boys!) told me to do just that. (we all would later realize that sleeping is the last thing that you should let a person with a head injury do.. but i lived! so it's okay! keep reading (: )

i proceeded to sleep for the next fifteen hours.

so now here's the quick (!) part.. because i have pictures (:

i woke up the next morning/afternoonish.. in pain from essentially the top of my head to the top of my legs. after a quick call to papa explaining what happened.. he basically told me i needed to get checked out and i was an idiot for not getting checked out right away.. in slightly nicer words. love you papa (:

so i walked to the health center and answered a number of questions.. all of which, after answering, i was essentially told i was an idiot by the nurses + doctors. let me spell it out for you:

"okay, what happened?"
"i fell like three feet off of the top of a three-person piggyback ride onto my head.. onto concrete."
"alright, there's mistake number one. have you taken any medication or anything for the pain?"
"yes, i took some ibuprofen this morning."
"okay.. there's mistake number two. ibuprofen can make your brain swell if you've got any internal head injuries. don't do that again. now, do you have a friend here that drove you?"
"no.. i walked here.."
"alright.. that's mistake number three. let's get you some x-rays before you can do any more damage, okay?"

..then she smiled at me. haha (: so i got my xrayz!:

quite a lot actually. and i had to put on this weird suit thingamajig.. not anything like your run-of-the-mill doctor smock things.. i took a picture of the "easy" how-to-put-this-on picture that was on display:

notice how unhappy and confused this little man is in the first two pictures? that was the story of my life as my head was pounding and i was straining to get this on.. somewhat correctly. then i got more than a dozen different xrays.. insane.

but then i got to look at them before the doc came into the room. check out how cute my insides are!:

but nothing was broken (phew!) and i was able to go home (with a nice little note excusing me from class the for the next few days!), as long as i had a friend come to pick me up so they could be read all sorts of instructions on how to keep me alive over the next 48 hours (including the need for her to wake me upevery two hours whenever i sleep to ensure that i'm still breathing .. grosssss) and we could go on our way. and hannah even got to park in the ambulance lane, with permission from the health center staff, of course (:

i proceeded to get much worse as the day/night went on.. so we ended up (on the insisting of my parents + fellow roommates) taking a nice visit to the emergency room to get my head fully checked out with a ct scan (as the health center staff kindly suggested if my pain got any worse) thursday night.. i was so happy to be there!

or at least i was so happy that all my friends (hannah, micae, mace, hay, + andrew) accompanied me.. on a school night! what pros.. and they even made some friends in the waiting room.. i have such grand friends (:

the following 48 hours or so are somewhat of a blurred mix of me being overly thankful to everyone around me, sleeping and drinking water and taking plenty of tylenol (not ibuprofen), and then just mostly just keeping to myself til i was fully recovered.

happy to say there aren't (or haven't yet been) any noticeable major negative repercussions from this event.. no persistent headaches after a week or so after.. and minus a mini wrestling match with haylee this past weekend (i lost.. and hit my head again, of course), i've been keeping myself (and my head!) out of trouble. for the most part anyway (:

so maybe it's just coincidence.
or maybe i'm just ridiculously accident prone?
regardless, papa's already promised to send me out a bright purple helmet to wear 24/7.
however, i'm thinking wrapping myself in caution tape might be a tad more effective. or at least make me a bit more fun to look at as i'm falling all over the place (:


  1. i thoroughly enjoyed reading this haah and Head injuries are never fun i know im glad your better :)

  2. maybe you should, and we all should, stop the head injuries

  3. thanks michael!

    + thanks for the advice elliot. i'll be sure to take that to heart.. til next year (:

  4. maybe making a fort out of my beds tonight isn't the best idea then.... you'll probably hit your head on the bed when you sit up. and by probably i mean most definitely. so yeah...


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