would you like fries with that?

so today i had both breakfast and lunch at fast food establishments. and needless to say, i think i've filled my quota for the next.. hmm.. two+ahalf months?

yeah, you heard me right. remember how i gave up chocolate for the entire month of january? (i'll post more about that laterrrrr..) well, after feeling like the ultimate mcblubberson from eating only fast-food for the entire first half of my day, i decided i'm up for another challenge (: no more fast food til the end of the term! absolutely none until i finish my very last final for winter term here at byu. that means no more drive-thrus, no more jr. bacon cheeseburgers, no more doubledoubles animal-style from in-and-out (!). it's all just another part of my plan to try to be more healthy, more fit, + really just mostly about proving everyone wrong that doubts that i can indeed do it, yet again (:

however, one minor exception (even though it's not really even fast food to begin with)..

i'm not giving up jamba juice.

because let's face it, i'm not sure i'd be able to get through the week without my custom-made 12 oz. berry topper with extra granola + extra bananas, sliced super thin courtesy of the wilk (:

mm. i honestly don't know how i'm going to be able to function this summer in ohio without a jamba juice establishment within walking distance.

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