anna banana.

hi. today's my sister's birthday.
so i decided to honor her on her special day..

ready, go!

reasons why i love anna; part one:
because she remembers the little things.

anna has a knack for noticing (+ loving!) the smaller things in life, things that other people i've known rarely seem to notice. she remembered my birthday (+ brought me over my favorite dessert at 8am on the morning of my own). she makes a sincere effort to be on time for things (even if it means waking up crazy early at like 4am to go to the news station). she remembers little stories from when she was little (like when she wanted to name me "gadget," or another story she recently shared about a memory from when my grandma adelina was alive) and has a fascinating way of making said stories so incredibly interesting. she remembers crazy dates like 

and plus, she always always always comes up with some of the most random topics to blog about.. but makes you see it from a whole new perspective and realize that you probably think the same exact way. or maybe that's just me.. but regardless. i love it. (:

reasons why i love anna; part two:
because she's fearless.

anna's the kind of person that you could tell her that something was impossible, and she'd be back in a flash with not only that accomplished, but five other things as well. she's up for any challenge, and has always been my example of "following the beat of your own drum".. at least i think that's the quote i'm looking for. regardless, she pursued a major in theatre arts with an emphasis in lighting design (as i mentioned briefly in my last post), regardless of how many people may have told her it'll be too hard to find a theatre-related job in these times. and again, she's amazing at it. and then she went for a double-major (broadcast journalism.. obviously) and will have both of those done by this april! i don't know how she balances school, news station trips to slc, church + social + family life and tending to emily as well.. but she does it. and always gets the job done, down to the very last, tiny detail. plus, she isn't afraid to stand in front of a camera and tell stories about what's really going on in the world today.. even when millions of people could (well, potentially) be watching her. if that's not intimidating, i don't know what is.

reasons why i love anna; part three:
because she has a great capacity to love.

when i lived at home, it always amazed me how anna would somehow remember to send little daniel (pictured above) cards- even on halloween and valentine's day! she stays in close contact with mom+dad back home, and even though all this week (and the past decade, it seems) she's been busy working on some show or another, she still managed to come over to help ruth (sister) clean up her house in order to prep for moving.. on her one day off this week. she's like the energizer bunny (which she just loves and just loves.. bunnies of course) and just keeps going and going nonstop.. she never runs out of love (:

reasons why i love anna; part four:
because she's an amazing cook/baker/chef/etc.

anna bakes. and cooks. and even makes things from scratch. and it ceases to amaze me. because we didn't grow up in a typical 20-family-member mormon household where there were huge home-cooked meals 3 times a day. she learned it all on her own. and from sweet-potato croissants to alfredo sauce; pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (my fav!) to steamed broccoli.. i'm pretty sure she can do it all. and she always (ocd, or not) has to make her food right before serving it.. so it's just that much more mouth-wateringly delicious. even when she has to produce or something at the news station at 6am.. she'll get up at 4 or 5am to make muffins for her coworkers.. just so they're fresh as fresh can be. seriously, if theatre and broadcast don't work out, it wouldn't surprise me if she pursed something in culinary. because let's face it, if anyone could pull it off- she could.

and finally, reasons why i love anna; part five:
because she always knows how to have a good time

anna likes to hula hoop. anna likes to take crazy pictures with her brother and sisters. anna likes to cook up all sorts of concoctions. anna likes to drive cross-country by herself. anna likes to party (unless her sweatshirt gets stolen from certain drunken somebodys..). all in all, anna is super creative in every aspect of her way of living, and she always seems to be having the best of times doing it. and she never hesitates to leave anyone out, either: from coming up with the idea to making gingerbread houses and having a sibling sleepover at her house to playing mousetrap all afternoon. from taking us to the zoo and spending a friday night at the new clippers stadium (even though we totally caught a foul ball so our mucho dinero seats were totally + completely worth it! see picture below for proof (: ).. she is just so great and just so great. and yes, you should be jealous of me for having one of the most amazing people in the world as my sister (:

so happy (23rd!) birthday anna banana (: just zoombinis and zoombinis and love sometimes on your big day. no matter where you are a year or decade from now, i hope you know that you are so loved and i look up to you so much! just make sure you keep up on your blog + cooking.. because heaven knows the world wouldn't be the same without them (:

p.s. click here if you wanna take a look at her blog. it's incredibly interesting, + you can learn even more about her (+ see all the yummy things she cooks + takes pictures of.. mm!)

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