life's what you make it.

today whilst walking to class, i found a penny on the ground that looked similar to this:

so naturally, being the poor college student that i am, i bent over to pick it up. the dialogue that followed?
girl #1: ooh! is that a lucky penny?
girl #2: oh no! it's tails-up! don't pick that up. i didn't!

as if that wasn't obvious.

but really, when did it occur to people that if you find a penny, quarter, dime, etc. "heads-up" that it's good luck? or that if you find one face down, that you'll be doomed the rest of eternity if you pick it up + keep it? who was it that decided that a rabbit's foot, rainbows, horseshoes, and falling stars are things to long for in life; that broken mirrors, black cats, ladders, and the number thirteen are things to fear? (probably the same people that made up slang terms + the rules to games like hopscotch, but i'm not pointing any fingers.)

i guess what i'm saying is that i'm not all that superstitious. kudos to you who are, but in reality, i don't see how it makes too much of a difference. my favorite movie from 4th-8th grade was apollo 13, my grandma has a black cat that i think is one of the cutest things alive, i've broken two mirrors in less than two weeks (completely by accident, i assure you), and i always made a point to walk under ladders, just to see if anything happens.

now i know what you're probably thinking.. but i'm actually still alive + kicking. and breathing. and blinking. and lately i've taken up running as a hobby, too. but all in all, besides a few broken toes and scraped knees, i've survived (!) and am as close to 100% healthy as a freshman college student can get.

getting back to my previous story.. (as you can probably tell by this point) naturally, i picked up the penny and pocketed it. not because i wanted to wish bad luck upon myself, and certainly not because i'm that poor (a penny wouldn't make much difference, anyway). it's sitting right here on my desk, next to my collection of four-leaf clovers and rabbit feet and stars i've caught. and you wanna know why?

sometimes, you just have to learn how to make your own luck.


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