hi my name is sarah and i am a chocoholic.

alright, not really. but who's really even argued the idea that "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone"?

well.. probably no one. because it's mostly true.

whether it's someone who's walked out of your life, a hobby you've given up, or a tv show series that's recently temporarily ended (glee <3).. once it's gone, you tend to realize that you probably miss it more and wish you had it more than you did when you had it.

..does that even make sense?

case in point: my sister anna + her roommate decided to give up eating chocolate for the entire month of december 2009. i don't want to say the exact reason they did because i don't want to misquote them on whether it was to be eating healthier or just for kicks or what.. but as far as i know, they both did it. and i figured if they could do it, then why shouldn't i be able to?

so naturally, come january 1, 2010, i quit my chocolate eating habit once + for all.. for the next thirtyone days at least. and i've been going strong (minus an accidental eating of half a cinnamon swirl danish from starbucks that just happened to be dotted with chocolate chips.. don't worry, i threw it out as soon as i realized the real reason why it tasted so good) for the past eighteen days now! + i've decided to give up one thing for a month each that will help to better my lifestyle.. like next month, it'll be all fried foods. which shouldn't be too hard anyway.. but of course, i didn't think chocolate would be too difficult either..

i also decided to give up any + all forms of donuts, cheeze-its (apparently, they're one of the worst snack foods out there..), and french fries for the entire year of 2010. crazy, right? it's a challenge, and i'm up for it. so call me crazy if you must, but i'm up for it. + anything else you think might be interesting to give up in one of the remaining 10 months i don't have quite planned out yet.. just try me (:

contrary to popular belief, i'm actually doing quite well on the whole no-chocolate binge. there've been a few times where i really just wanted a handful of oreos or a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin (!), but i've been surviving. it's really kind of crazy.. i didn't realize how many times i just feel like something chocolate-y and run over to the vending machine or somewhere in the canc to satisfy my craving. so i guess in part.. i'm learning a great deal about self-control, as well. which i also realized i really need right now.

so basically, no chocolate for a month = increased self-control + kinda new year's resolutions + having to find new things to eat whenever i get hungry + decrease in want for chocolate overall, which is really really weird for me..

however, come february 1st, i'm running on up to the wilk to get me one of these:

self control never tasted so sweet.


  1. haha so... that means no desserts this friday night?? Thats ok, I would be good with a Jamba juice. And maybe we can watch the invention of lying (assuming you havent seen it)?

    Also, anna and em werent eating chocolate because they love jillian micheals. because she is amazing and has a body to die for. and honestly, if JM tells us we can look like her by not eating chocolate, we do it.

    if by we i mean they. but i will do it in july :)

  2. nonono, it only means no CHOCOLATE friday night (: but jamba > everything any dessert anyway soo..

    i HAVE seen invention of lying, but i loved it and wouldn't mind seeing it again since it was quite some time ago (:

    kudos to you for july! we'll see how well you can last your first month being a mother without any chocolate.. pshhh.


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