hi my name is sarah and i am a chocoholic.

alright, not really. but who's really even argued the idea that "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone"?

well.. probably no one. because it's mostly true.

whether it's someone who's walked out of your life, a hobby you've given up, or a tv show series that's recently temporarily ended (glee <3).. once it's gone, you tend to realize that you probably miss it more and wish you had it more than you did when you had it.

..does that even make sense?

case in point: my sister anna + her roommate decided to give up eating chocolate for the entire month of december 2009. i don't want to say the exact reason they did because i don't want to misquote them on whether it was to be eating healthier or just for kicks or what.. but as far as i know, they both did it. and i figured if they could do it, then why shouldn't i be able to?

so naturally, come january 1, 2010, i quit my chocolate eating habit once + for all.. for the next thirtyone days at least. and i've been going strong (minus an accidental eating of half a cinnamon swirl danish from starbucks that just happened to be dotted with chocolate chips.. don't worry, i threw it out as soon as i realized the real reason why it tasted so good) for the past eighteen days now! + i've decided to give up one thing for a month each that will help to better my lifestyle.. like next month, it'll be all fried foods. which shouldn't be too hard anyway.. but of course, i didn't think chocolate would be too difficult either..

i also decided to give up any + all forms of donuts, cheeze-its (apparently, they're one of the worst snack foods out there..), and french fries for the entire year of 2010. crazy, right? it's a challenge, and i'm up for it. so call me crazy if you must, but i'm up for it. + anything else you think might be interesting to give up in one of the remaining 10 months i don't have quite planned out yet.. just try me (:

contrary to popular belief, i'm actually doing quite well on the whole no-chocolate binge. there've been a few times where i really just wanted a handful of oreos or a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin (!), but i've been surviving. it's really kind of crazy.. i didn't realize how many times i just feel like something chocolate-y and run over to the vending machine or somewhere in the canc to satisfy my craving. so i guess in part.. i'm learning a great deal about self-control, as well. which i also realized i really need right now.

so basically, no chocolate for a month = increased self-control + kinda new year's resolutions + having to find new things to eat whenever i get hungry + decrease in want for chocolate overall, which is really really weird for me..

however, come february 1st, i'm running on up to the wilk to get me one of these:

self control never tasted so sweet.


life's what you make it.

today whilst walking to class, i found a penny on the ground that looked similar to this:

so naturally, being the poor college student that i am, i bent over to pick it up. the dialogue that followed?
girl #1: ooh! is that a lucky penny?
girl #2: oh no! it's tails-up! don't pick that up. i didn't!

as if that wasn't obvious.

but really, when did it occur to people that if you find a penny, quarter, dime, etc. "heads-up" that it's good luck? or that if you find one face down, that you'll be doomed the rest of eternity if you pick it up + keep it? who was it that decided that a rabbit's foot, rainbows, horseshoes, and falling stars are things to long for in life; that broken mirrors, black cats, ladders, and the number thirteen are things to fear? (probably the same people that made up slang terms + the rules to games like hopscotch, but i'm not pointing any fingers.)

i guess what i'm saying is that i'm not all that superstitious. kudos to you who are, but in reality, i don't see how it makes too much of a difference. my favorite movie from 4th-8th grade was apollo 13, my grandma has a black cat that i think is one of the cutest things alive, i've broken two mirrors in less than two weeks (completely by accident, i assure you), and i always made a point to walk under ladders, just to see if anything happens.

now i know what you're probably thinking.. but i'm actually still alive + kicking. and breathing. and blinking. and lately i've taken up running as a hobby, too. but all in all, besides a few broken toes and scraped knees, i've survived (!) and am as close to 100% healthy as a freshman college student can get.

getting back to my previous story.. (as you can probably tell by this point) naturally, i picked up the penny and pocketed it. not because i wanted to wish bad luck upon myself, and certainly not because i'm that poor (a penny wouldn't make much difference, anyway). it's sitting right here on my desk, next to my collection of four-leaf clovers and rabbit feet and stars i've caught. and you wanna know why?

sometimes, you just have to learn how to make your own luck.


the big two-five.

for starters, happy new year (:

in the past week since i've gotten back out here to byu, my roommates + i have been talking about all the 'memories' we've had in the past semester. throughout the week, we'll just randomly bring something up that happened, inside jokes, or other little tidbits like dates gone bad or nights gone wonderfully. it's been fun reminiscing + laughing (and sometimes almost crying) at the different things we've all been through together.

and then it hit me.

we've only been out here a little under four months together. but we've made a ridiculous amount of memories.. even just yesterday we were sitting around at dinner cracking up about one particularly awkward date one of us was a part of just last term..

my main point in this post is, today marks the twentyfifth wedding anniversary of my mom + dad. twenty five years ago, they were sealed for time and all eternity in the santiago, chile temple. it's crazy to think of how different my life would be if they hadn't made that decision, first off. but the part that's even cooler is this..

they've shared over 300 months together. 1,300 weeks. 9,129 days. 219,096 hours. you get the picture, it's basic arithmetic. that's an noteworthy amount of time to be together and have a wonderful, lasting, successful and happy relationship together in today's society.

my parents are my heroes. i love them with all my heart and i know they love me too. i can't think of a greater blessing than the opportunity + ability to be a part of the family i am, and to be a part of a church that truly believes (as i do, as well) that i can be with all of them - my mom, dad, ruth+drew, anna, + daniel - forever. and that wouldn't be possible if my parents hadn't taken those first few steps together, twenty five years ago.

my parents have shared more than 75x the amount of time my roommates + i have had together this past term (..which already feels like has been an eternity in some ways); made more than 75x the amount of memories. obviously my time with my roommates is in no way comparable to a marriage (for a number of obvious reasons..) but i've never seen two people more in love, more happy to see each other everyday, more dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make the other smile. growing up and seeing them together everyday has only made me more excited to find my own eternal companion (or husband, as the rest of the world views it), just in the hopes that we'll be a fraction as happy as my own parents are together. although it's important to mention, contrary to popular belief, i'm in absolutely zero rush to get married; i'm perfectly content waiting awhile longer for mr. right to come along (: thanks byu.

so here's to you two: my heroes, my teachers, my role models, my parents. thank you so much for everything. i love you both sososo much + wish you many many more happy years to come (:

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