run it.

i have run over 10 miles in the past four days.
(and that's including sunday which was my rest day).
and i feel GREAT.

i know i've been running for a few months now pretty consistently (at least much more consistently than I had been previously: 2-4 times a week now vs. the previous 1-2 times whenever-i-had-the-time-to-run) but in the past few weeks i've really started to rack up some mileage and feel the burn in my legs and (this weekend especially!) wake up with a craving to get out of my house and just RUN. and i love it!

i'm signed up to race my first race of the new year on the very first day of 2011 (first race on the 1st of january!) here in ohio and I'm also signing up to race my second race two weeks after that with ruth in utah (: and i just. want. to. sign. up. for. more!!

i fell asleep thinking about getting to go running first thing in the morning. and i'm sure as a consequence of that, i dreamt three specific dreams last night (at least three that i can remember).

1. i ran one 5k race that i signed up for but it was on some kind of dinky indoor track and i didn't realize that it was only for disabled people but they told me to run anyway and i finished first and after only a few minutes (obviously unrealistic, but awesome nonetheless), only to discover that I wanted to keep running.. so I ran right out of the place before even accepting any awards or anything.

2. i was signed up to run a race at nighttime with ruth so i was running around warming up waiting for her to pick me up and 11pm rolls by and i finally gave up waiting and figured i should call her so i ran upstairs to my room to get my phone and saw anna asleep and everyone else in my house asleep and (even though that's completely normal for everyone in my family to be asleep by then.. except maybe anna but she normally wouldn't even be in ohio, but whatever) then got so angry because no one was running around like i was so clearly the race had already started so i just took it upon myself to go out and run until i wasn't upset anymore about missing the race.

3. i was at this huge indoor arena/track with all of my testing center amigos that i work with. we were all warming up together for some intense battle-of-the-testing-centers race (don't ask me why..) and we all just ran and ran and ran to warm up and i don't remember the race ever happening but i remember running and talking to micaela (which is slightly odd because she doesn't particularly enjoy running, but i was in a dream so i'll take it) and jared and kelsey and it was so fun and we were all goofing around and wearing really ridiculous running outfits.

so basically..
i'm think i'm officially running obsessed.
and 2011 is (kind of like ruth!) going to be the year of many races..
from 5ks to (at least one!) marathon(s) and everything in between!


but it's a bit past eight and i've been itching to run while writing this entire post so.. later! (:



i am done with finals.
i got ANOTHER "A" on one of them in the testing center today.
..its only wednesday (finals run through friday.. aka i got them done early!)
and so i'm going to go on a quick rant before bed.

and as ridiculous as it might be that so many 'young singers' are 'breaking through,'
i am a huge greyson chance fan.
because (especially for a 12-year-old) he is actually talented.
no offense, justin bieber/willow smith/young pop stars galore, but this kid can sing AND he plays piano all on his own. his talent show performance went viral on youtube and if you watch the video, its hard to think he wouldn't get noticed sooner than later. ellen (love her) picked him and featured him on her show and then signed him to her new record label, and his new song/music video is so simple and real and actually quite good.

i don't care if his voice will change as soon as puberty hits. he's one of the good ones. and i am done with finals and in a stellar mood and i think he is GREAT. watch the vids and try to tell me you think otherwise.

slash.. i'm sure you could chalk it up to my having an incredibly musically gifted 12-year-old brother (with the piano, trumpet, voice, and just about a million other non-musical-related things, as well) and if anyone tried telling me his talent would mean 'nothing once he hits puberty..' i'd probably punch them in the face. because if you're really talented, it doesn't matter what age/height/disabilities/changes/etc. you have or go through. talent is talent. and although i'm a huge greyson chance fan.. i am an ASTRONOMICAL fan of daniel kron and all his millions of talents. and i cannot wait to see him in just under a week from now for christmas break! he is awesome. <3 little brother.

still need to do a birthday post but i work nine hours tomorrow so.. this weekend. for sure (:


the SECOND best day of my ever life.

remember this post? and how it was the best day of my ever life because i got an "A" in the testing center?

well LO AND BEHOLD, it's happened again! for my 50 question new testament test! and i am EXTREMELY stoked about it! (:
[disclaimer: this post and its previous one are not intended to be bragging. for the most part, anyway. i was just a terrible student last year and this is a huge improvement for me, as you'll see below. and it's my blog anyway so i can brag if i want to, right? (; ]

right before i went up to campus to take it i was talking to one of my roommates about how i needed to get at least an 88% on this test in order to get an "A" in the class overall (i know that may sound relatively simple, but my past two tests in this class i'd gotten an 82% and a 78%, so things weren't exactly looking promising).

BUT IT HAPPENED! i did even better than i could have possibly hoped! i guess hard work + studying + going to class + etc. really does pay off (imagine that!). 
my score is the 92% "Well done!" (:
right before i started taking this test, i remembered how last year i completely blew off my classes and homework- and especially my tests in the testing center. i would consider myself lucky if i walked out of there with a score that was higher than a "C."

but this year.. i'm going into taking tests planning to come out with a "B+" or "A-" and really seeing my hard work pay off. it's amazing how small changes (going to class, studying regularly, doing readings, etc.) can really make such a huge difference in the long run.

i feel like a whole new person. (:

p.s. tomorrow's the last day of classes! so sometime this weekend i'll write about my birthday this past saturday and how awesome it was (:


"carol llama."

the title really says it all..

BUT just in case you're confused, i'll explain a bit (:

so last year my roommate micaela and i hiked up to campus in the snow and freezing coldness with two boys we were good friends with to the law building because allegedly there were going to be llamas and allegedly we would be caroling with them and allegedly it was going to be a stellartastic time.

we were too late.
we got there and there were no signs of carolers. or llamas.

but this year we moved into a new ward and became friends with some new kiddos and it just so happens that they had heard of llama caroling, too!


not only had they heard of llama caroling.. nonono, one of their best friends from their freshman ward STARTED what is officially called "carol llama" their freshman year!!! so this year... i went llama caroling!

and... well, it's basically exactly what it says it is. we split up in groups of about 5-7 people per llama (there were about 15 llamas total) and we went around and sang christmas carols to people who would open their doors to us and then they'd freak out seeing a huge llama on their lawn and they'd give us canned food for the food bank. basically. awesome.

apparently it's a yearly occurrence, so you should come next year! they even had hot cocoa and donuts for the carolers. and llamas are actually pretty good listeners. and they make funny noises. when we were singing it almost sounded like they were humming along with us! ..sometimes.

and in case you're curious.. a couple of fun facts about llamas:
they're not as tame as they look.
they kick.
and spit.
and run away if you aren't careful.
and they can jump! kind of.
and they don't really like to be pet/touched/close to humans. or around loud noises. which is ironic because we (humans) were walking around with them (llamas) caroling (singing loudly - to even more humans).
oh, and they also are "better in pairs." that's what the guy in charge said, anyway. but it's true. they love being together and it really calms them down.. they kind of go crazy spastic and jumpy if they're left by themselves with just a bunch of college kids. 

anyway, here's some pictures of me with "dali llama." our group's other llama (because we're awesome and got two llamas!) was "llama queen." (: enjoy!

having a heart-to-heart conversation.
best. friends. forever. <3 + the provo temple in the background!

oh and p.s... in about 15 minutes i will no longer be a teenager. anymore. ever. forever.


november in review,

following in anna's footsteps and doing the 'describe-your-life-in-one-word-per-day' thing..

here's november!

working hard. overachieving. peaceful and free. starving. clean. frightful. self-control. stressful. success! romeo <3. zoned out. fresh start! don't stop. seriously, throat?! sir paul mccartney. don't stop x2. TOMS (: love me do. 4 months! lonely. hold me tight. early presents! blizzard? move it. thanks! minor relapse. numb. snow! happy face. here goes nothing..

and since i've been hanging out with him a bunch lately (in november!), i'll leave it to my favorite nephew baby D to introduce the next month:

it's time to move over, november..

it's time for the craziness of december/aunt sarah's birthday/CHRISTMAS! (:

now that's something to smile about (:



there are some pop-up ads that i don't think i'll ever fully comprehend..

thanksgiving pictures to come later (:


never in my life

have i had class cancelled do to a blizzard warning, much less an impending one.

back home in ohio, we could wake up in the morning [after a night full of praying for a snow day and wearing our pjs inside out and flushing ice cubes down the toilet] and see at least a couple inches of snow and some ice covering the streets and sidewalks and immediately run to check the radio/tv/10tv.com website to see if school would be cancelled... only to hardly ever even get a measly 2-hour delay.

and now i'm living my second consecutive year in utah and my entire college campus is shutting down early because apparently it's supposed to snow...[a lot]... "sometime soon?"

...have i mentioned i have yet to see even a single snowflake fall today?

click on the picture to make it bigger.
i have to admit though, assuming this all works out...
i'm kind of excited to see what being in a blizzard's like (:


day zero goal #83 - buy a pairs of TOMS.

i just bought a pair of shoes for myself, a pair of shoes for a child in africa, AND accomplished a day zero goal, all at once!

and i feel fantastic.

click here to buy one-for-one!

care to do the same? (:


tickle me thursdayyyy...!

(: check out tickle me thursday there!


tickle me thursday!

these two kinda go hand in hand.
just love steve carrell [he's on the right in the first video] J


day zero goal #100 - influence a person to make a day zero list.

this happened YESTERDAY! after i posted about my dayzeroproject initiation online on my facebook.
and i was so excited (:

alex is one of the most hilarious and genuine people i know. we met/became friends last year after spontaneous road trip to park city.. and playing mancala.. and the works! i'm sososo excited she's starting a list too. jump on the bandwagon (:


day zero goal #6 - delete unnecessary facebook friends.

first day and i've already got my first goal out of the way!

went from 600 friends exactly down to 493. and yes, i'm positive i know every single one (:

day zero.

first off, happy november! (: after jumping right from summer weather to winter weather a couple of weeks back here in utah, it finally seems to have rewound a bit back to autumn weather and it is absolutely gorgeous. lovelovelove it.

however, much more exciting than even autumn (even though it is my favorite season ever) is the fact that today marks the start of my day zero project! you can click on that to see what its all about. basically you just make a list of 101 things you want to accomplish in 1001 days.. and today (november 1, 2010) marks the first official day on the project! i'm doing it with ruth, anna, micaela, emily and jamie, too. because we're all awesome. and day zero is awesome.

maybe you should make one too (:


F is for..

i love mine.
and skyping with them.
and watching daniel do his ever-famous "booty dance."

and knowing that they care about and love me oh so much, even when i'm 2,000+ miles away.

thank heavens for technology and my incredibly beautiful ohio family J


tickle me thursday

so my sister ruth does this thing called 'wordless wednesday' on her blog where (on wednesdays, clearly) she makes a post of just pictures, no words.

i'm officially taking it upon myself to do something similar, just more my style (:

thus, i declare today the first official tickle me thursday:


the brain specialist.

so today i woke up at 8am and i went alllllllll the way up to the top floor of the swkt (the super top secret 12th floor that you need a special code to get to from the 11th- you can't access it from the elevators). 

for two hours of the morning i took a handful of (surprisingly really entertaining) memory tests, answered a bunch of personal questions about my psychological history and then (drumroll, please) got an EEG!
i know it may not sound all that exciting, but i got what's called a geodesic dense array EEG sensor net put onto my head like this:

and then it was strapped around my eyes and ears like this:

aaaaand then i got to see the electroencephalography (EEG) graph first hand! looked something like this:

he had me blink a bunch in a row and then clench my jaw and watch how the graph changed.. those are two examples of 'brain-electric activity' that the EEG monitored.. so both of those things showed up really dark on the graph. it was way cool to be able to do something and then see it shown on the graph because (obviously) the brain controls all of everything you do!

now, i know this isn't as cool as you were probably expecting it to be.. but take my word for it, it was awesome. after taking all these tests and doing a number of activities with the EEG sensor net on my head, the specialist (aka graduate student) was able to tell me a bunch of things about myself (like about how high my IQ is, how well my cognitive skills are, what kind of a learner i am, etc.) - just from the tests! plus, all the testing was done as a part of a research study- so i got paid $25 for just two hours of doing fun stuff and getting my brain all checked out! awesome.

and you know what the best part is? the reason i qualified was because i had previously gotten a (/multiple) concussion(s)! finally a little silver lining from suffering through all of those head injuries..

so basically, today was awesome. and it reminded me of a brief monty python clip that dandanoo + daddy back home really enjoy.. so i hope you will too (:


under construction.

so.. i've been thinking a lot lately.
and there's a TON of things i want to do, things i want to change, things i want to be better at, etc.
and i keep thinking about these things.
and i keep telling myself i'll fix them/change them/do them.
but you know what i've realized?

life is always a work-in-progress.
it's always gonna be under construction. i'm (realistically) never going to be able to change the world or do everything i want to do.. all at once in this VERY moment.

so you know what i've decided? 

#1. i'm officially accepting my life as being (eternally) 'under construction.' (check.)
#2. i'm gonna go ahead and set up a reasonable amount of orange barrels in my life, listing out all the things i want to do. (check!)
#3. i'm gonna actually start to take action on some of them: making plans and working them out by accomplishing my goals little by little. (working on it..!)

because what fun is the "highway of life" if you've just got a bunch of orange barrels slowing you down and no newly paved roads to help make the ride a bit smoother?

you know, you could learn a thing or two from me, I-15.


the best day of my ever life.

i never thought this day would come..
but it just shows how much my hard work and studying is paying off this semester (:
lo and behold..

(*granted, it was for my marriage prep class but it was almost 100 questions and i studied long and hard for it.. so yes. think what you will. but i am incredibly proud.)

yes, i am the 93% Awesome! score at the top.
yes, i am incredibly proud.
and yes, this will definitely be happening again!

oh, and to top it all off, right before i walked through to the door to check my score downstairs i was bombarded by this group of kids with pots and pans and cups in hand.. they were handing out free, delicious, warm soup to all the students who had just finished taking tests!

i know what you're thinking, only at byu, right? laugh all you want.. but i'll tell you, tomato soup never tasted so good. (:


Why Teach Theatre in our Schools?

Theatre is a SCIENCE.
Theatre is HISTORY.
Theatre is TECHNOLOGY.
Theatre is ECONOMICS.

Theatre is taught in schools
Not because you are expected to major in theatre,
Not because you are expected to perform all through life,
Not so you can relax,
Not so you can have fun,
So you will recognize BEAUTY,
So you will be SENSITIVE,
So you will be closer to an INFINITE BEYOND THIS WORLD,
So you will have more LOVE,
More GOOD,
In short,
More LIFE.

Of what value will it be to make a prosperous living
Unless you know how to live?

That is why theatre is taught in our schools.


This was the poem included in my Pre-professional Educational Theatre Association membership card/welcome letter/other information packet that I got in the mail today.

I don't think I've been more excited to open anything else in my life:

Theatre is what I love.
Theatre is what I've done.
And teaching Theatre is what I'm choosing to do
for lifeJ


"be still, hear it beating..

it's leading you; follow your heart."

i want to follow my dreams. i want to be the best i can be. i want to do what i am truly passionate and love and care so much about.
but lately, i'm feeling like this about everyone else's view on me and my dreams (*note: i am represented by the dark-looking man. not the asian lady):

but i know what i'm doing is right. i know i have a reasonable plan. i know it's a realistic goal. and what i want to do with my life will undoubtedly help other people achieve their dreams and such in the future because of what i can teach them.

so you know what? i'm following my dreams. i'm following my heart. i'm going to do what i really, truly, deeply love. and i hope that the people who mean the most to me will have a change of heart all their own and hop on board with me. because they're the people i most want to see cheering me on and helping me along the way.

"a bright shining world is just waiting to start: no anger or madness, just laughter and gladness..
if only i follow my heart."

-forever ♥ urinetown (:


i love..

skyping with my family back home in ohio: mama, papa + dk!
it was so great to talk to them tonight (and to anna in wisconsin on saturday.. AND hang out with ruth + baby d on saturday, too!!).. even though things got a bit crazy at the end cause daniel and i were goofing around a bit too much haha.

i just love my family. and this little poo-face of a little brother that i miss oh, so dearly. what a goof ball (:

just love and miss my far away family <3


baby d!

yesterday i had the wonderful privilege of getting to watch baby d for a few hours on campus with my friends micaela and tyler. it was actually pretty comical seeing all the weird looks and expressions i'd get from passersby, considering (1) i don't have a ring on my finger and at byu that's kinda taboo and (2) i don't look quite old enough to be in college, much less old enough to have a baby of my own.

but it was a stellar afternoon filled with giggles and tears and a lot of napping while we strolled and carried him around.

do i have the cutest nephew ever? i think i'll let you answer that one for yourself (:


his mama's got him all bundled up! + 50th post-aversary (:

i love my nephew.
but i love him just a little bit more when his mom dresses him like this (:



this postcard completely sums up how i feel:

it's the first day of school tomorrow. for my sophomore year at byu. and i could not be more stoked for what this year has in store for me.

i love postsecret.


let's get this party started

so you know that feeling you get on the night before the first day of school, where you're so excited for new classes, new friends and new experiences (not to mention wearing your killer first-day-of-school outfit)? SO excited, in fact, that you toss and turn for the better part of the night because you just want it to start already?!

i've just hit that point.

it's the night before leaving to go back out to utah. our flight leaves in about ten hours from now. granted, i won't be actually starting school at byu for fall term for another sixteen days (not that i'm counting).. but just being back out in utah (+ spending time with ruth, anna, drew + baby d!) now with the whole family (mom, dad, daniel + grandma) is going to make for a spectacular preface to my sophomore year. i just wish i could get to bed.. because waking up in a few hours will put me THAT much closer to leaving the house, getting to the airport, getting on the plane, arriving in salt lake city.. fdjsaklfjdasklfjsadkljflkadsj;

this morning seriously cannot possibly come any sooner (:


seventeen days until

i'm reunited with this crazy person of a bff/roommate at byu..
+ we'll be up late talking about these things instead of chatting about them hundreds of miles away! (:


jesus loves the little children

today was my last sunday in the worthington ward.
today was my last sunday in ohio.
today was daniel's first time passing the sacrament.
today i was asked to help out in the nursery.
today my mom gave the lesson in relief society.

and each one of those things just brightened my day a little more (:
the first two are a bit sad to think of, but honestly (at this point, at least) i'm just getting so incredibly anxious and excited and every feeling in between about going back out to byu, and just utah in general. i don't know what it is.. but i'm just so.. ready. almost, anyway.

the last three were the most noteworthy, though.

firstly, daniel passing the sacrament for the first time.
he is seriously growing up faster than i can handle. i've told people this before, but seriously- sometimes i feel like his older sister just goofing around with him, and other times i just feel like a proud mama to him (: he is just such a wonderful, worthy priesthood holder and so happy and sensitive (having three older sisters probably naturally does that to you..). he has such a special spirit and i honestly can't wait to see him grow bigger and stronger each and every day - physically (as he's already almost as tall as me and able to pick me up!) and spiritually.

and as a side note, it was one of the coolest things ever to hear (while i was getting ready for church this morning) my dad + daniel talking downstairs about how to pass the sacrament and the different 'routes' and so on and so forth. i could tell daniel was getting so excited (and he was even ready to go almost a whole hour early!) and my dad was so proud. he did a stellar job today, even though he was holding the water tray with both hands ('just as backup' - as daniel said (: ).
this is the picture from last week after he was given the priesthood by my father (standing directly behind him) with the help of the other men in the picture (clockwise from left: patriarch hope, adam parsons, daniel parkus, theran selph, brother weber, brother sabin, and cecil fuentes).

secondly, helping out in the nursery for the second and most of the third hour was one of the funnest experiences of my life (not to mention that i have SO much more respect for anyone who gets called to serve in the nursery). from attempts to teach these kids to share the dinosaurs and babydolls to trying to get them to sit still on their carpet squares long enough to sing 'jesus wants me for a sunbeam' to making sure they don't choke on their goldfish and pretzels during snacktime and coming full circle to playtime again.. time just FLEW by. but these little two-year-olds that i had the pleasure of taking care of for an hour-and-a-half were some of the most beautiful and sweet children everrrrrr. even when they were trying to drive toy cars up my face or shove goldfish in my mouth (: i lovelovelovelove kidsss. which is another reason i can't WAIT to get out to byu, so i can play with this little bundle of joy:
granted, he's slightly(!) smaller than the kiddos i was playing with in the nursery (by about two years!), but i have a feeling i'll have a stellar time playing with my new little nephew, dustin drew (:

and thirdly, to top off my wonderful sunday, i was able to enjoy the last fifteen minutes or so of my mother's wonderful relief society lesson. she is seriously one of the most incredible blessings i have in my life.. i love her so ridiculously much and she is always so well prepared for everything (minus the fact that we were both rushing a bit to get to church today because we woke up late.. but that's another story! and we still got in on time (: ), especially her lessons. she teaches with such poise and you can tell the spirit is just radiating throughout her as she speaks. plus, us relief society ladies all love her even more because she never forgets to bring some yummy cookies to help us plow through that final hour of church on empty stomachs. she always puts others first, and that was made even more clear to me later on in the day when we got some time to sit down and discuss a few things that had been on our minds. i honestly don't know what i'd do without her. i love my mama (:

so all in all, minus wasting much of my afternoon with a three-hour nap, today was a pretty grand day. and next sunday we'll be back in UTAH! with ruth and anna and the kevs (and drew and dustin, too, of course!). i just cannot waaaaaait!


a little trip down memory lane.

ever since i was little, i've always been the one to save EVERYTHING (pack rat times infinity) and i've (finally!) reached the point where i'm proud to say that i'm happy i did so (:

in our crawlspace in the basement, everyone has a storage box with their name on it, to put whatever they want to in it. a couple weeks ago, i decided to look through my box and amidst the stuffed animals, clothes, american girl doll, awards, and heaps of other things, i found about seven 'boxes' (ranging from christmas cookie tins to shoe boxes) filled to the brim with old pictures and letters inside. so this past weekend, i took it upon myself to look through each one.. and oh, boy, has it been a trip (:

as for the pictures, i'm going to try to get a few and put them on a disc (they're all hard copies, obviously) so that i can upload a few each week or something and reminisce, but that'll be later (:

as for right now and this past weekend.. i have learned seven main things from looking through these old pictures, letters, and even watching home movies (!) with daniel and dad earlier tonight.

1. 90's styles are way cooler than any other style, ever. if i could go back to wearing outfits that matched (i.e. green top with a white flower on it + white pants with a green flower of the same design on it), big scrunchies in my hair or velco light-up tennis shoes.. i'd pretty much be content fashion-wise for the rest of my life.

2. daniel did in fact, used to like bananas. and most other fruits. he can deny it as long as he wants, but on christmas day, 1998, we got a video of him eating an entire jar of mushed up bananas for the very first time.. and he ate it ALL. and loved it. that's proof, danoo! (;

3. life was so much easier before boys had cooties.. and when mom had me hold hands with every single boy i took a picture with in elementary school. and they were totally okay with that. because in elementary school you 'liked' the same person from pre-k til fifth grade and that just meant you thought they were cute or something and not that you'd go kissing them (or doing anything else like crazy elementary school kids are apparently doing 'these days'..) yikes.

4. a picture says a thousand words. like how i was SO MUCH CUTER WHEN I WAS YOUNGER. seriously. i had such a cute little face and gorgeous long long longggggg straight brown hair (grow faster!)..  then my awkward phase hit and i cut all my hair off in fourth grade and.. basically all these photos do a stellar job at documenting every stage in my life (from mega cute to mega awkward).. not to mention every point in  between.

5. friendships really can last forever. words can't even describe how many pictures of/letters exchanged between myself and so many of my other friends over the years, especially with sara whitacre. this girl and i met in first grade and BAM. it's been what, almost thirteen YEARS since then, and we're still super tight. we don't see each other as much, but we know we're still best friends. and it's so neat to see pictures of us with our arms around each other in mrs. reynolds' first grade class when i was 'student of the week,' letters she'd write me and fold up with 'sarah beth' written on them, and even a picture of us together on graduation day. time seriously flies.. but friendships really can last - we're living proof of that. love you bestie (: 

6. yearbook pictures aren't half as fun to look at as are the notes written on the back. while some of my fellow classmates had some pretty hilarious yearbook pictures.. i won't ever laugh as much at them as i will cherish the things they wrote on the back.. considering i always refused to accept yearbook pictures from anyone unless it had something written on the back - and more than just their name or "to: sarah kron." i'm glad (!) that i decided to be stubborn about that. it makes for good memories all these years later (:

7. sisters give the best advice. spiritually: one letter i found was from ruth during my freshman year of high school when i was really struggling. her words of advice apply just as well then as they do now, five years later: "keep choosing the right and i can testify that when you put the Lord first in everything- everything falls into place so much easier than if you try to do it all yourself." wonderful advice (: and also a note of simple reassurance from anna banana: "you're just so growing up sometimes and it's crazy and weird but you're going to do totally fine." simple. to the point. and unbelievably reassuring (: thanks zoombini faces.

just love memories. (:


it's the little (big) things.

this is my perfectionarily preggers older sister, ruth, at forty weeks, aka just YESTERDAY. and right this moment, she's giving birth to that beaaaaaaaautiful baby boy inside her (:

but as a side note.. today at work, i walked up to one of my first tables to ask for their drink order (typical) and after they had recited to me their response, the man (he was there with his wife) took me by the arm and said, "my wife and i say grace before every meal. is there anyone you know/anything you can think of that's going on in your life right now that you'd allow us to pray for as well?"

holy wow. i was so touched. i immediately told them about my sister and her due date being today (this was before she even went to the hospital) etc. etc. etc. i told them how it was definitely a big, baby boy, and she is naturally so so tiny (it's true, ruth! and that's a good thing (: ) and since the pregnancy's been great so far, we're just hoping she'll come through with her delivery just as easily. and just like that, they told me they'd pray for her and me and.. the rest of my interactions with that table were completely nonchalant after that.

i just find it truly incredible how God puts certain people into our lives and blesses us in certain ways that He knows we need help in. He knew i had been feeling anxious (just like the rest of my family has been in the past few weeks nearing ruth's due date) and today he put two kind strangers at my table who would bless her and me, without any asking or questioning on my part at all! and i felt completely at peace concerning ruth's pregnancy after that simple conversation. it's little things like that that reassure me that God loves us and is constantly watching out for all of us.

any moment now, baby D will be born. my parents will be grandparents, anna and i will be aunts, little daniel will be an uncle, drew will be a daddy, and ruth will be a MOM. all in a matter of minutes. this little (big) thing is going to finally be a real, live, born, beautiful baby boy.

it really is all about the little (big!) things. (:



does this picture mean anything to you?:
because it means [                 THIS                   ] much to me. AND MORE.

i have a zillion [eight or so] mosquito bites on my legs right now. and i feel EVERY summer i get a handful of bites and then tear up my legs scratching them and then.. jdsfkalfjsdklf. it's just not a pretty picture.

so today in the shower [bear with me..] as my bites are burning like crazzzzzzzy just simply from existing.. i had a flashback to when i was younger, maybe five or six, and my older sister, ruth, and i BOTH had the chicken pox at the same time. and our whole bodies were covered in red, itchy marks. so what did my parents do? they immediately went out and bought some of ^^that^^ stuff and drew up a bath for us and we just stewed in the bathtub for awhile in the [not sweet-smelling exactly, but some kinda comfortable-smelling] oatmeal.

and now, back to present day, when i tell my parents [or anyone else, for that matter] that i have a zillion [eight] mosquito bites and they itch like crazy, they tell me to put some of that 'anti-itch-mosquito-bite-reliever-that-really-just-makes-your-legs-burn-and-just-feel-sticky-for-awhile-and-because-of-that-they-just-stay-a-constant-reminder-that-you-DO-have-ridiculously-seemingly-uncurably-itchy-mosquito-bites' junk.. and i think it's pretty self-explanatory how i feel about that stuff..

so yeah. i don't like mosquitoes. i certainly don't like mosquito bites. and my legs itch like crazy. so guess what i'm doing tomorrow after work? finding me some 'soothing oatmeal bath [ah, i feel better just saying that out loud]' and taking a nice, long, incredibly-soothing-and-mosquito-bite-relieving oatmeal bath.

or maybe five or six.


s p a c e d o u t

clearly with my last post practically a month ago, i've been a bit out of the loop on here lately. so here's what i've been up to [in no particular order..]:

running some [of my first!] real races,

catching some fireworks with some new friends,

spending a heck of a lot of [crazy awesome fun] time with THIS guy,

seeing 'my man godfrey' [hilARIous] with my papa at the gorgeous ohio theatre,

catching the end of a heart-warming trilogy on opening night,

and then seeing it again the very next night in way-too-expensive 3D,

screaming through the vampire/werewolf-induced midnight premiere of eclipse,

laughing at the jokes more than singing along at the michael buble concert,

spending a week + a half partying once this girl [finally!!] showed up,

just going to game stop everyday.. no big deal. PLEEEEASE MOM?!

just visiting the polar bears and more polar bears.. sleeping. at the best zoo ever. [columbus'!]

seeing some cousins and watching the first of two baby blessings for the summer,

playing some mini golf sometimes and just losing sometimes,

oh yeah! and watching a TON of this:

that prettyyyyy much wraps up my past month or so. 
one month til i'm back out in utah! eeeee (:
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