byu photo review;

hi my name is sarah and i absolutely lovelovelove photography.

i love looking at pictures. taking pictures. being in pictures.
i. just. love. it. all.

and.. not gonna lie. words tend to bore me sometimes.

now, don't get me wrong, i love reading and writing.
..and i especially love stories.

i love when people tell stories about just about.. anything.
and everything.
i love hearing about people's days, mission stories, embarrassing moments, families, dates gone bad, histories, plans for the future..
and even goodnight stories. like fairy tales and that kinda stuff.

in fact, if you know me well enough, i've probably asked you on more than one occasion to simply "tell me a story." just like that.

but for me, looking at pictures is almost always so much more..
and i'm sure i'm not the only one who thinks that.

so, here's a tribute to loving pictures and loving stories.
..but loving them most when they're put together (:

hi my name is sarah.
and during my first semester at byu so far, i...

found myself an amazing roommate,

met some awesome girls in my hall,

played a surprising amount of volleyball,

bowled awkwardly + did a bunch of other crazy fun activities with my fhe group,

went to my first ever byu blue game.. which byu WON, thanks for asking (: ,

went for a chilly evening swim on campus,

roasted marshmallows in the bell tower,

..and proceeded to have a marshmallow fight to the death,

found that i have a love for playing some football of my own,

+ even though we lost every game, still had a fun time with our own hall flag football team (: ,

cheered as an official 'team mom' for our very own merrill meansters,

tap danced + led an amazing number of ward prayers with thissss guyyy,

rediscovered how much fun a girl's night can be,

colorfied our dorm room walls with all sorts of junk,

sometimes had more fun getting ready for dates than actually going on them,

spent a ridic amount of time (+ money) in the creamery getting milkshakes and socializing with the workers,

danced the night away at the loft,

slept.. and slept.. and slept a whole lot more..,

spent some quality time with my two favorite sisters,

continued to enjoy the occasional girl's night,

went on the most epic, 6-hour long date of my life,

which consisted of using an entire bucket of chalk,

with these crazy kids,

was asked to homecoming via a creatively remixed cd,

and had a blast there with some new but wonderful friends,

night-hiked alllllll the way up the Y,

went to my first ever haunted house at nightmare on 13th in salt lake city (#3 haunted house in the country, thank you very much) and loved it,

got all snazzed up as the flintstones for halloween,

proceeded to go trick-or-treating in lehi and ate hot dogs at a stranger's house in the process,

played in the leaves countless times,

realized how much i (still!) love my roommate (: ,

went to after-hours and became an indian princess with a little help from my friends,

spent almost every night talking, laughing, and screaming with the rest of the fab four,

waited outside in the freezing cold for three hours for the new moon midnight premiere while watching the office,

cozied up with some twilight impersonators (alice, edward, bella + jacob)

passed the time by doing a few impersonations of our own,

realized that over half of the theatre was taken up by our lovely 52nd ward (: ,

discovered that it is possible to fit into one of the dryers in the basement,

continued to enjoy sporadic girl's nights,

enjoyed having the entire fam together for thanksgiving for the first time in yearssss,

ate + thoroughly enjoyed theeeeeee single best meal ALL YEAR (thanksgiving dinner!),

spent a few crazy nights with a few crazy kids,

rushed the field after byu won against utah state + got a picture with #19 (: ,

and finally, did everything i could to save the environment through recycling73 waterbottles at a time.

looking back, i now realize i've done some pretty sweet things,
made some of the (by far) most incredible, life-changing, amazing friends,
and created more than my fair share of memories that i'll get to keep forever.

i've only been out here..
a little over three months.
i'm supposed to go "home" to ohio in fifteen days for winter break..

..but i think i'm already there.

home is where the heart is, afterall.

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  1. Hey, girl. You know I would love to take your photograph any day :] I hope that school is treating you well, and that you are loving it as much as you can. I'll be keeping up with you on here! <3


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