busy busy busy.

this is mostly just a memo to mom/dad/daniel back home:

i'm soso terribly sorry i haven't been updating this as often [or really, much at ALL] like i said i was going to. i finally got a bunch of things organized [finances, dorm room, church/school things, etc.] so now i just need to get organized with my homework [which i'm about to start..] and i'll finally have time for this again and you can check it and hopefully see an update every couple of days, if not every day.

i love and miss you all back in ohio. i wish you could all be out here enjoying every moment right by my side (:



a whole new world


i love byu.

that's really just the best and simplest way to sum things up.

everything's just so different out here than ohio. and [sorry everyone back home..] i almost kinda like it more out here. honestly, EVERYTHING. if i could just pack up my friends and family from the buckeye state and tote them on over here, then life would be grand. perfect, probably.

you wanna know the best part? i'm being completely honest. not just like the typical molly mormon saying "ohmygoodness i love byu cause i love church and god and family and everything else holy and amen." i'm saying like, in all seriousness, i'm indefinitely staying out here at byu for the next four years, at least. and i'm even starting to consider coming out here summer term next year [*crosses fingers*]! the atmosphere is just completely different than any other part of.. anywhere in the world, basically. i can now say that i directly know what people are talking about when they refer to utah as a "bubble." it's seroiusly it's own world, separate from everything and everyone else outside of it. there's prayers said before [most] classes, spiritual thoughts given by the students [some teachers offer "volunteers" extra credit for giving these little mini-devotionals at the beginning of class], and everyone on campus is just generally nicer and incredibly more friendly.

--> example #1- yesterday i was walking through the "moving-in sale" right outside of the byu bookstore and i picked up a few extra "dorm essentials" [dry erase board, tote bag, etc.] and some random guy just came up and started talking to me out of nowhere.. asking how i was enjoying byu, what year i was, etc. [no, he wasn't asking for marriage..]. he complimented me on how organized i apparently looked [i had my backpack on, but that was about it] and wished me a happy stay at byu. i think his name was jeff.

--->example #2- again yesterday, this happened shortly after my example #1. i was inside the bookstore and had just gotten my i-clicker [something needed for most science classes on the byu campus, don't ask me why] and was waiting in line to pay. a man in front of me asked what class i was taking to need to use the i-clicker and i told him bio 100 and we started into a converstation [the line wasn't long at all but the cashier was clearly having some issues working the register or her brain that day] about science classes and he, too asked what year i was and where i was from and shared how he came from idaho [attending byu-i] and had been here at the provo byu for his third consecutive semester and loved it. he, too, wished me well and was on his way. i don't remember his name at all.

---->example #3- i sat next to a boy in my social problems class and we immediately struck up a conversation about where we were from, what year we were, etc. i learned two things- (1) he attended summer term and knew a girl from my hall, and (2) he thought i was a junior or senior! okay, this isn't really an example of how people here are more friendly, but i thought it was way cool that someone actually thought i was OLDER than i actually am. there's a first time for everything. his name was josh.

basically, everyone's super helpful around here. i almost got lost about ten times looking for my classes monday morning, but each person i asked for directions was more than happy [and even slightly eager] to help me out and send me off in the right direction with a smile. i'm not even exaggerating, it is EVERYTIME. everyday. every moment. people are smiling and happy and.. as corny as it may sound, it contributes sososo much to the intense permanence of the spirit here. you can feel it anywhere and everywhere you go here on campus [yes, even in science class!]. you can strike up a conversation with anyone around you, whether you're walking to a class or standing in line for lunch or even working out.

no joke, since i've gotten here last wednesday, i haven't heard a word of profanity, hardly any gossip, and everyone says "please," "thank you," "bless you," "you're welcome," etc. constantly. everyone wants to be friends with everyone. no exceptions. everyone heeds the honor code in every aspect of it. and you wanna know the best part? i'm pretty sure everyone wants to be not only spiritually fit, but physically fit as well. i don't think i've gone outside once without seeing someone running across campus. the RB (recreational building, where everyone works out, has dance classes, swims, etc.) is constantly full of people who want to get into shape and send those endorphins you get when you work out out in every direction possible. just. like. me.

it's incredible. and it's byu.

i think i want to stay here forever.
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