welcome welcome to byu

so today is my first official day at byu-provo.

not much to say except.. it's extremely weird for me to look at the clock and see it's barely 10pm here and realize how ridiculously exhausted i am. i've been sick for the past like, week now. and dead tired all the time. so i'm pretty sure it's swine flu, but i guess i'll just tough it out.

not too much to say for the day either, just a whole bunch of running around [meaning walking through the crazy hot heat in jeans..] on campus getting books and laptop stuff and moving in. my room is much bigger than i anticipated it would be.. i have more than enough room for everything i brought + more. it's pretty bland right now since i don't have any pictures hanging up or anything yet.. but that will change soon enough (:

probably the best thing about being out here is the scenery. the mountains are drop dead gorgeous. everywhere i look, any direction.. and i see them. i love them. my dad says i'll forget about them after awhile, but i doubt it. it's what i was most excited about coming up here, and i'm pretty sure i'll just lovelovelove them more as the days go on. speaking of mountains, my dad and i hiked ensign peak just yesterday. needless to say, it was perfect. the view was of practically the entire salt lake city valley, you could even see all the way out to the great salt lake. it was incredible. kind of a hot hike temperature-wise, but it was only twenty minutes or so, max. and well worth every minute.

have i mentioned how much i love the clouds out here?

it's werid getting used to being so tired so early, but i'm sure it's just because my body's still functioning on ohio time, two hours later than it is here. i'm sure i'll adjust by tomorrow and then friday when my roommate from boston finally arrives!

funny story: i got my roommate back in april, when everyone originally signed up for fall housing. we talked [texted..] it up and got so excited for like two months, and then barely talked at all through june until mid-july. i texted asking if she was getting excited to be out in utah in just about a month and she responded speedily saying she decided to enroll in summer term to get a 'head-start' on college and found that she hated the dorms [helaman halls], hated that it was all freshman, hated that she couldn't cook for herself, and thought that they treated her and her hallmates like little kids. i was surprised, too, don't get me wrong.. that's' exactly how i expected the dorms to be. but she ended up moving out just a few days later, and since then i had no roommate at all. i checked back on the housing website to see if i had a roommate and all it said was that the other 'bed' in my room was just 'unavailable..' so no one could even room with me if they tried. i called the housing dept. and asked them about it and then assured me that i'd have a roommate by the time orientation week came around and surprise surprise.. as we're shopping for dorm stuff in target yesterday, my sister receives a call from her husband and exclaims that she knows who my roommate is! apparently it's a girl who goes to drew (my brother-in-law)'s home ward back in boston, ma. her name's macey. small world, right?

n.s.o. [new student orientation] really kicks off tomorrow, and my dad and i are going downtown to slc for the afternoon afterwards. hopefully i'll feel a little more settled and 'at home' after all our errands are finally done.

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  1. as someone who has lived in utah forever, the mountains are still awesome. just wait til you go camping and get to watch the sunrise over them...omg.

    have fun / try not to die of boredom at orientation


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